PCRI, A forerunner in packaging industry


PCRI provides a platform to learn packaging technologies

PCRI(Packaging Clinic & Research Institute) is where the best of packaging and its association can be seen. PCRI offers the best there is in packaging technology and its related research. It is a learning hub for young packaging technology enthusiasts.

Mr B.K Karna, CEO & Founder

The Founder and CEO of the PCRI, Mr B.K Karna, PG in Packaging Technology, M.SC in Environment Science, MBA marketing and also a UNDP fellow in packaging, is an international figure when it comes to the packaging industry.

He termed as the assistant director of IIP-Kolkata and IIP Delhi and also as the deputy director( regional head) for IIP Hyderabad. He has served as a U.N consultant for Ethiopia, Bangladesh,Saudi Arabia and has a student base of 15,000 in the entire country.

“Everything that is and there is, comes in a package. You can never have an orange without its peel nor a banana. Nature itself taught man about packaging” Says Mr.Karna sitting in his chair, speaking to his students. “Packaging is not just pushing a product into a box, it takes a great deal of effort and thinking when it comes to the products being used in packaging. We at PCRI believe in 3 Ps. People Planet and Profits.” He says.

Operation and Revenue

PCRI believes that there is no point in making profits without a planet or people to serve to. The centre and the go to for almost of all the big industries in the country, PCRI claims to be the provider of packaging and testing services to big names like ITC and companies as such. PCRI is responsible for the introduction of World Packaging Day in 2012 which is observed on March 24th every year.

Established in 2012, PCRI is a self-funded firm whose main revenue falls into the following four categories

1)   Packaging Consultancy

2)    Packaging Audit

3)   Package testing

4)   Packaging training.

The first form of revenue generation surely comes from reputed companies who form the clientele for this institute when it comes to packaging consultancy, audit and the testing of the said packaging. They also claim to be the number one go-to for many big companies.

While this forms a big part of the revenue, this institute also hosts a one year PGDM in packaging technology courses of an intensive training program. A one-week executive development program and also a simple in-plant training is also available as per the client’s need. While these all form the portals for revenue, PCRI aims to bring to the public’s eye the world of the packaging industry and its contribution to the betterment of the society.

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