PackMeUp to fizz up away all the woes and worries to settle abroad!

If you want to settle abroad, PackMeUp is your buddy!

Immigrants and students, who are going abroad, need not worry how to settle down there as PackMeUp helps them settle down smoothly. PackMeUp, is a trusted companion in providing utilities and services while moving abroad for a significant period of time. PackMeUp helps make a home away from the home. Finalizing the university while planning higher studies is a tough job, but settling after moving to the new place is even tougher, that is taken care of by PackMeUp. After getting a job abroad all one has to do is get in touch with PackMeUp to settle abroad. PackMeUp makes life easier by delivering the utilities in the new country and also provides with healthy dehydrated food. They make the entire process of settling into a new country extremely smooth and convenient for anyone who is planning to settle abroad.

Initially, PackMeUp was bestowed with too many work hazards, as the concept was new and the unavailability of the experienced lot in the group proved costly to the group which was new to the field. This exposed them to too many problems they were unaware of. As there was no other existing model present to look at for it was difficult to run the firm initially. The model required international tie-ups and legalities; PackMeUp’s team faced multiple challenges with respect to communication gap and different corporate cultures. They managed to tackle this challenge after gaining enough experience by running the firm successfully. At the inception, the team worked after their respective office hours, but then after the backend work got completed they started working full time to promote the business. Read Latest Startup News.

How It All Started?

Three close friends studying in Glasgow came up to form this group as co-founders of the group. The difficulties faced by the co-founders individually, while they decided to fly abroad for higher studies made them think and come up with an idea, so as to see no other person like them flying abroad face the same problem. The counselors sort out the admissions, but what after that? While discussing these problems that they faced when planning to move to the UK they thought about starting all in one service to sort out these problems. And there came PackMeUp. With the co-founders having studied in the UK has international Study experience and exposure to the problems faced settling abroad. In their mid-twenties, they have decided to set up PackMeUp. Nikhil Mundada (22 yrs) has done Bachelors in management studies, MSc international marketing, also handled many events during college heading ‘kshitij’ an event in the college. Sohil Bhansali (22 yrs) did Bachelors in management studies, MSc international marketing and also worked as public relations head in college fest ‘Umang’. Arpan Maheshwari (24 yrs) did Bachelors in commerce and MSc finance, the UK had a natural interest in the finance sector and worked in an investment banking firm.

Present Business of PackMeUp?

PackMeUp has grown quite a lot since the day of its inception. PackMeUp caters to a niche target still and has a large number of website visits and social media followers. PackMeUp aims to focus more on promotion so that it can reach people and help them. This industry is quite scattered and unorganized; this gives PackMeUp a competitive edge to bring all the services under one roof and is developed based on firsthand experience.

Financial terms and pricing?

This startup has multiple services under one roof and all these services and products make it convenient for the consumers. The customers can buy all the products online. The deliveries of the living packs are done directly in the country of travel of the consumer. Food packs are healthy and have a long shelf life and are delivered all across India. The team is planning to expand into various services that would make the life of consumers easier. Currently, they are working on accommodations, roommate finder portal, and courier subscription. Read more startup news.

PackMeUp to fizz up away all the woes and worries to settle abroad!
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