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OTJ247 Is A Service Aggregator Which Provides Services To You Saving Your Valuable Time And Effort

Well, we have had experiences where we had to wait for long to get small services done for our home or office. Here is where OTJ247 is striving to make its presence. OTJ247 is striving to offer solutions for your residential and commercial needs. Its wide range of services encompass Handyman services like plumbing and electrical along with comprehensive cleaning for residential and commercial services, civil engineering works, one-time security, event guarding services, fire/security audits, advocate and legal services, home/office automation, events organization, background verification and many more. OTJ247 aims at reducing the time spent on running errands or finding the right resources for routine odd jobs.

The Eureka Moment

Major Prashant Rai, an ex-army officer-turned-entrepreneur knew nothing would be better than the services business. In 2006, he had launched his first venture Balram Corporate Services, a company which deals with comprehensive security and allied facility management, private investigation and detective services. In the same year, he launched another company called Fire Prevent System, which deals with fire safety services and safety gadgets.

After devoting almost a decade, Prashant had a strategic approach to expand into the other services of a plumber, electrician, painting works, deep cleaning. As the demand for these services kept increasing over the year, a new service platform called was made available to its customers in a more organized manner. As customers are becoming more urbanized and with the busy lives it is difficult for customers to juggle with personal and professional work; hence a trusted team is required. Currently they have an in house team of experienced client servicing people who handle requests from the web, App, SMS & Toll free service.

More About the Co-Founders

Ex-Army officer, Prashant holds a post graduate degree in Business Administration in Human Resources.  Major Prashant, 38, turned entrepreneur in 2006. He along with his wife Shubhangi Rai started, aspiring to cut down the time spent to find the right resource and enable prompt and reliable servicemen for routine odd jobs through this venture. Prashant’s contribution in the securities industry has won him several awards and accolades. He was the proud recipient of CAPSI’s award for Young Entrepreneur 2010. Two years later, he bagged the Global Indian Award for Best Practices, Bangkok. Shubhangi Rai, co-founder of has over 13 years of work experience. She has done her MBA in HR from Manipal. She is the Chief Human Resource Manager (CHRM) and heads the Sexual Harassment Committee in

The Team of OTJ247

 The initial 10 member team consisted of ex-Indian Army who believed in the vision & helped in setting up along with some core team members who had hands on experience with the similar clientele Balram Corporate Services and our sister concern Fire Prevent Systems. The idea of improving structure aligned well with every customer.

Why Are We Different?

There are already scores of known platforms in this segment and the number is rising.  What sets us apart from our competitors is we are not only aggregators. But we have a few on roll. The team is resourceful at giving real information about the market and it’s not based on “imaginative escalated numbers”. They provide unique emergency services like plumbing and electrical services that can be availed 24*7.

How does it Work?

They have an easily accessible website, App iOs & Android, SMS number along with toll free numbers that offers solutions to customer. Customers need to enter subjective information, to ensure a speedy response; we mobilize our support staff to get in touch with the customer as soon as their complaint is recorded. After seeking an appointment, a survey or inspection is carried out to determine if the work can be done in one-go or over multiple visits. Post this, the labor charge, material cost and service fees are agreed upon. Once the assigned task is accomplished collect the service amount along with the customer feedback. It lays special emphasis on the quality, promptness, reliability and integrity of their service providers. To this end, our service staff’s background is diligently verified.

Revenue Traction and Growth

Presently they are bootstrapped and  just within a few months of its launch, the firm has been able to create a platform for over 5,200+ service providers for the registered users. The extensive network of services has been fulfilling user requirements of almost 90-100 clients on a daily basis in every city. As of now, is laying special emphasis on the quality, promptness, reliability and integrity of their service providers and is also working to ensure a speedy response.

Future Plans

They aspire to become the largest and the most efficient supplier of services in the country. To achieve this, they are likely to seek strategic tie-ups and associations with Venture Capitalists, NSDC Ministry, Security Skill Development Council of India and companies all over the globe. The CEO’s mission is to make the Amazon/Flipkart equivalent in the personalized services domain. Read more Startup Stories.

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