Orvoz: The Patient Engagement Service

Orvoz is a Patient Engagement Service founded by Mr. Ramesh Mudunuri, an Information Technology professional, who has more than 20 years of extensive work experience in the fields of Healthcare, Service, Manufacturing, Education, Finance, Oil and Natural Gas. He has worked for many distinguished companies as a senior professional, in India and abroad.

A Patient Engagement Service is a relatively new service in the Healthcare Industry, which came into existence in the early part of the millennium to educate patients about their conditions and help people understand, cope and actively involve in their health and healthcare. There is a general lack of health literacy, or a true understanding of their medical conditions seen in many patients. Even when patients do receive detailed information, they sometimes find it difficult to follow the guidelines or the instructions given to them on how to care for their own-selves. This is where Orvoz, a Patient Engagement Service steps in. Orvoz empowers patients to take control over their health, their day-to-day decisions that impact their health.

Mr. Ramesh Mudunuri has this to say about the startup: “ Doctors & patients are the main stake holders to our business. The patients are important caretakers of their health. They make day-to-day decisions that impact their health. There is always a time gap between the doctor visits and what happens away from the doctor is ultimately of more importance when it comes to the outcome of their health. Here lies the challenge for the doctor to consistently keep in touch with their patients and influence their health outcomes. In less than 3 months time we developed a cloud based minimum viable solution which takes care of patients for doctor appointments, diagnostics home sample collections, pharmacy delivery and feedback collection of doctor / clinic services, with a care agent team. On behalf of the doctors, the care agents talk to the patients periodically and engage with them in their health care, and provide the means and tools to inculcate a healthy lifestyle and influence the outcome in between the doctor visits. All this service is free of charge. We started servicing our first client (doctor) in March. Also we engage with the patients by providing health education along with appointment waiting times on the television set in the hospital while they wait for their turn to consult the doctor. The results found were astounding with significant increase in patient’s follow-up visits”.


As for funding he says – Presently, we are self-funded. In the next few months we will be going out for the first round of funding from family and friends. By early next year we will have viable business and revenue models and should be in a position to sustain ourselves. Then we will work towards gaining funds from VC’s for the further course of action.

It’s Motto

Orvoz provides Saas based solutions and services that help deliver effective patient care for Doctors, Hospitals and Diagnostic centers. Orvoz’s motto is to provide services and solutions that aim to improve Patient care, optimize Doctor’s time and manage costs.


Unlike other plethora of applications in the market, Orvoz works as an extended arm to the doctor’s practice by engaging with their patients via telecommunication with a qualified professional team of care agents who help the patients by providing the means and tools as needed which will help them in taking well-informed and good decisions regarding their health.

Future plans

The future plans include extending the engagement services, which will contain helping the patients with the in-house nutritionists regarding dietary needs, Physical fitness and Yoga instructors as per the doctor’s instructions for the patient. Educating the patients with help tips from doctors, Promoting wearable devices to track and monitor patients’ health, as well as educating them about other health care services and for doctors they have plans to generate analytics data that will help them understand patient’s pattern in terms of effectiveness of a medicine, particular medicinal usage.

Orvoz: The Patient Engagement Service
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