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The title seems better than a 90% discount sale of your favourite brand shirts or dresses, doesn’t it? We are in the digital age. Right from a “just going to school” kid to “just enough alive” grand moms, everybody uses the internet. We are a society so deeply “connected” by the internet that wherever we go, we ask if it is a wifi enabled place; be it a college, office, restaurant or a hospital. But everything comes at a cost and not every place chooses to put-up a wifi system for their customers because of uncontrollable data bills and service unreliability due to conventional systems of using basic router and handing out password or Because of complicated & costly systems to be maintained to provide a controlled Wifi. In these situations, it is everybody’s sweet dream to provide free wifi and that is exactly what you get from the startup OpenWifi Networks.


Yeshwanth Reddy (Industrial Engg, CBIT) who has a vast experience in Networking, Telecom and Manufacturing field came up with the idea and was eventually joined by Santhosh Reddy (Industrial Engg, CBIT) who has handled operations in previous 2 startups. The requirements of a LAN and WiFi setup seemed necessary for every business, Wifi can be provided easily but there are very few options in the market that can control the wifi in terms of speeds, data & time limit. Many commercial joints require such a service. After developing the idea and running a few pilots, today Open Wifi Networks are open wifi providers at 30 locations such as United Kitchens of India, Country Oven, etc.


The Wifi routers is provided by many, But it is either very costly, not easy to manage or use. OpenWifi is pretty easy to use in a way that, all we have to do is go through one time sign up process where we enter our mobile number and create a profile, when we are in the OpenWifi enabled location. From then on our mobile devices are automatically detected across the OpenWifi network locations. Whenever we go to a place where OpenWifi exists, we are instantly greeted by a welcome message by the location.

The startup boasts of collaborating with Metrozip Green of Mahindra & Mahindra in Pune. The Metrozip Green is a subscription based private shuttle service where anyone who swipes in and gets on the bus are automatically enabled with internet connection while blocking all other road users who can connect to open wifi broadcasted by the bus. OpenWifi has also collaborated with Agrowbook to provide free WiFi at 2 villages, Agrowbook is an NGO which is working towards technology driven farming in remote villages. Read more Startup Stories

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