One Wallet to organize the unorganized businesses

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One Wallet is an organized solution for unorganized businesses

Sitting in the balcony with a cup of warm coffee, a newspaper in hand, enjoying the sunrise, we welcome a new day, every day. If we think about it, we realize that our first service provider for the day is none other than our “newspaper uncle”. Be whatever it may – a hot summer day or a drenching rainy day or a chilly winter morning, we see the newspaper at our doorstep every single day. What we don’t see is the chaotic backstage, in this case, the newspaper vendor’s business organization. The number of papers to be bought and issued and their prices and their respective customers are all on hundreds of misplaced sheets and in hundreds of tangled thoughts in the vendor’s mind.This is when Neeraj Tiwari decided to untangle the mess of unorganized businesses through One Wallet.

Uniqueness of One Wallet

To create a technological advancement in an age old field of manual work is difficult. Unless and until the application is extremely user-friendly, it can’t get popular. The simple registration process and the clarity of various functions performed through the app, attracts the user. The vendor registers himself and adds a list of his customers who are provided with individual User Id’s. The customers can then pay their bill online. If they give cash by hand, the vendor himself can enter the amount into the app.

One Wallet also procures various paper pricing, which removes an additional job, of finding out the paper prices, from the vendor’s shoulders. Its most recent achievement was to procure a patent for digitizing the coupon subscription system. This will avoid the risk of losing paper coupons. The online payment and delivery and processing takes away the need to go to the publishers office.

Minds behind One Wallet

Neeraj Tiwari, Founder and CEO

Neeraj Tiwari is the Founder and CEO. He has immense experience in the field of internet and mobile applications development. The other members of the team of One Wallet include Swapnaja Phalak – HR Manager, Shona Jacob – Marketing and Branding Manager, Parag Malusare – Sales Head, Seshagiri – CTO.

They plan to expand into the entire state of Maharashtra. Another seven languages other than Hindi, Marathi and English are to be introduced in the app.

The newspaper field is just a beginning, as One Wallet wants to expand and solve the problems faced in all unorganized businesses. The idea of venturing into being a digitized service provider to our everyday domestic service providers is the most unique feature of One Wallet.

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