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Newsdash is an app which digitalized newspapers and newsletters. A startup by the IIIT Hyderabad alumni, Newsdash changes the way we read newspapers. After studying what makes newspaper so efficient as the prime source of daily information consumption, they tried to bring that to mobile.

In a Nutshell

Newsdash’s unique smart newspaper layout brings a newspaper-like reading experience to mobile and provides all the benefits of digital news along with it. Just having a short glance across a few pages in every morning to keep us up to date with the entire happenings of the world.

A user selects which publication he/she wishes to read. And it’s done. Every day the mobile newspaper is automatically delivered to their device and is available for them to read as per their convenience offline and instantly. A wide range of publications is available to choose from which include regional, language and different domains of newspapers. The articles can be archived and even shared to friends.

There is no need to keep checking social media or apps multiple times a day and no missing out on any news with Newsdash. Just choose from your favorite newspapers and newsletters and get them delivered in a unique newspaper like the layout to your mobile.

Newsdash App Newsdash App

Behind The Curtains

Prahal Ghai(24,CEO) was a national level Table Tennis player. An alumnus of IIT Hyderabad, he quit his job at Qualcomm to be his own boss and start something of his own. His first project was a Webcomic. After that, he got handpicked to be a part of the Draper university Entrepreneurship boot camp in Silicon Valley by Tim Draper of DFJ. While in the US, Prahal, who had a habit of reading the newspaper, found it difficult to manage without one. He figured that there were no good ways for people to get news onto mobile phones.

Antesh Bharadwaj(24, CTO) is also an IIIT Hyderabad alumni is a friend of Prahal for 7 years. When Prahal pitched the idea to Antesh, he fell in love with it. He resigned his job in march 2016 to work full-time on Newsdash.

The firm is bootstrapped as of now. It was recently selected as the most promising early stage startup by investors at the TiE Hyderabad Smashup 2016. They have received a commitment for a pre-seed round of funding from several prominent investors in Hyderabad.

When questioned on their future plans, Newsdash as of now wants to focus on adding more publications and even regional language newspapers. Global recognition and increased user base is another goal as well.

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