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Digital Marketing is more than post, like and share says this Startup Entrepreneur

I attended bunch of digital marketing events, and all of them say one thing “Facebook” or in other words social media. Well digital marketing is definitely more than that, and Neetee Mhatre, MD of 360 Digiworld agrees with me. This week we interview this young Startup CEO about digital marketing.

About Neetee Mhatre, MD, 360 Digiworld

Neetee Mhatre has done MBA in Marketing, schooling from Swami Vivekanada. Have 3 years of experience in digital. Core skills include Content,SEO, Social media. Worked with Raheja Homes and Developers, Jaro Education, GeniusU Web services ( Singapore) promoting Mr. Roger Hamilton, G Connect Marketing. Services based in Seattle, MoneyConnexion.

1) Does digital marketing mean social media posting to get followers? What your definition of digital marketing?

ANS : Digital marketing is the promotion of products or brands via one or more forms of electronic media and differs from traditional marketing in that it involves the use of channels and methods that enable an organization to analyze marketing campaigns and understand what is working and what isn’t – typically in real time.

2) Why did you choose to venture into digital marketing? 

ANS: I found out that people lack importance of digital. The world is evolving into digital marketing, it is the future, people tend to say that it is only meant to share, post, like comment. It is much more in depth if evaluated with proper segments.

3) How important is digital marketing when compared to traditional marketing?

ANS : 99% people are online, they prefer online media which is highlighted more and comparatively affordable, consumer get traffic and leads/enquiries through online.

4) In terms of recruiting for your startup, what skills do you look for?

Ans: We are looking for inspiring and talented people, not particular into education but smart and being practical to understand the insights of economy.

5) How did you get your first client? 

Ans : Our hard work speaks. He loved the work we have had done for our previous client, our honesty, quality, commitment factors have been our pillars.

6) What role does content play in digital marketing?

ANS: Content is king, strong strategy on creative, personal, interesting content eclipses the traditional departments of SEO, advertising and creative sector.

7) Advice to your fellow startups who are planning to venture into this industry ?

ANS : Stay calm and compose, define strategies how then can stand out of the crowd, take it slow in the beginning, people might not interact for digital marketing they think its waste, try to explain people ROI instead talking much about our experience and services.

8) There are multiple players in this industry, how are you trying to stand out of this crowd?

Ans :  We stand out of the crowd for our affordable costing, quality in work, we believe that a common man should be aware of digital media and learn how to use it and earn revenue. So we have emphasized on cost. Cost of each service is low comparatively. Read more CEO interviews.

Company profile : http://www.360digiworld.com/

Digital Marketing is more than post, like and share says this Startup Entrepreneur
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