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NameRnewborn solves the biggest dilemma of naming a newborn

In the middle of a cluster of emotions of happiness, joy, anxiety, excitement and a never ending stream of happy tears, parents welcome their little bundle of joy into their lives. Of course in India, all friends and relatives start interacting with the baby with self pronounced names like Babloo, Chintu, Mimi, Nahni, Piku and the list of embarrassing names just goes on. If not nick names, our very traditional family starts off with the Nakshatra, Thidhi, Stars, Sun, Moon and wants a name which starts with A and ends with Z. If this too is not the scenario, then it definitely is the names of great grandparents coming into the picture. With so many requirements and with so many people to please and, more importantly, with the desire to give their baby a beautiful and apt name, parents are stuck in a huge turmoil. The perfect solution for such a problem is being provided by NameRnewborn.

The birth of the idea

Being parents in today’s busy schedule often elevates stress levels. The stress starts with the naming itself. With lack of time to sit down and think for hours about the right name for their kid, parents find it pretty difficult to finalize a name. Taking help from the internet doesn’t help either. Thousands of websites displaying thousands of names which may or may not be anywhere near to our requirements exist. Then occurred the idea of organizing the baby names according to specific customer requirements. Instead of creating a database of numerous names, crowd sourcing is being used to gather names. There are many people who are creative and can come up with unique names. Creating a platform for such people to put forward names according to the requirements mentioned by the parents and paying them seemed like a win-win situation for everyone involved.

“Parents” of NameRnewborn

Two brothers, Ratnakar Poduri and Srikanth Poduri who have worked in many global IT and Financial and Marketing companies have come up with NameRnewborn.

The process of registering for a baby name is very simple. NameRnewborn also provides the option of sharing the list of shortlisted names with friends and family to know their opinion. The collective crowd creativity is put to its best use.

NameRnewborn also has future plans with the crowd sourcing concept as the means. Tag lines, brand names, logos, pet names, slogans and many other domains also benefit from creativity of the crowd.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. P.Radha Krishna Murty

    August 29, 2016 at 9:25 pm

    This is a novel idea and the youth’s thought needs a pat. In these dsys of hectic activity unfortunately free time became scarce.This will be boon both for the startup and the needy young couples to mutually help each other with a benefit on both sides.l convey my best wishes to the both of the beneficiaries.

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