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As a country, we are blessed with abundant talent. Our kids are as good as anyone else. Our kids keep winning science competitions, spell bees on the international stage. They are extremely good at Painting, Singing, Dancing and other areas too. One of the problems with Indian education is that we only focused on marks and exams. This leaves very little scope for students to realize their potential in other areas. is trying to solve this problem.

Raghavendar Reddy & Yuvaraju Atmakuri were roommates at IIM Kozhikode and often discussed these things because of their passion for education. They visited schools in places like Chennai, Kozhikode, Hyderabad, Bangalore and various other small towns, conducted surveys, spoke to teachers, students and parents. They felt that talent in students was not given enough opportunities to blossom. It is a great injustice to kids.

In 2011, the duo decided to take the plunge and chase this dream with more vigor. R&D was started to understand the behavior of students, developmental psychology and also ways in which technology can be leveraged to give students a real push to achieve greater heights in life. took shape as India’s first online platform with a focus on Discovering, Improving, and Showcasing talent in school students. is an online platform to make every student who is an all-rounder. It does the following for the students:

  1. Global competitions for students to participate and showcase their talent in areas like Painting, Singing, Writing, Projects, Dance, Poetry, Photography etc. The best thing about MSB is that they accept entries in different formats making it easy for students to participate anytime and from anywhere.
  2. Educational Games that improve different talent in users. The focus is on areas like numbers, logical skills, verbal skills, painting skills, spatial skills, naturalistic skills, and group skills.
  3. Debates to help them improve their logical thinking and communication skills
  4. Articles and Videos to improve the knowledge of the students
  5. Online Tests on multiple areas to test and improve their knowledge
  6. Online Courses to help them learn from the best teachers across the world to improve their skills
  7. Analysis to help them understand their areas of strength, weakness and plan their future

Unfortunately, a lot of students who have talent to excel in different areas don’t do it because of lack of support and opportunities. With increasing internet penetration across the world, students can now use to participate from anywhere to Discover, Improve and Showcase their talent. Now students from the remotest places in the world can compete with the students from the metros on the same level. It gives everyone an opportunity to gain global recognition.

We hope to unearth talent in students in the years to come. Our greatest joy will be in helping students pursue their dreams. Motivation is extremely important for everyone. The recognition that students get on will motivate them to achieve greater things in life. Check out one of the testimonials to see the kind of impact creates


You can be part of this mission in giving every child the wings he/ she needs to fly. They have recently launched the MySuperKid Challenge. Share the talent in your near and dear ones and give them global recognition.

MySuperKid Challenge

Every parent becomes extremely happy when their kids’ skills are appreciated and recognized. Every kid is super talented and needs some support to showcase the talent to a bigger audience. MySuperKid Challenge is an event for all the parents. Here is an opportunity for you to give your kids immense recognition. All that you, the parent, have to do is spend 5 minutes to appreciate the talents in your kids (ages 5 to 18). It is a great way to tell your kids how much you care for them and the world how good your kid is.

Every single entry that is uploaded will be shared and promoted across the world giving each student global recognition. Every time someone likes your kid’s entry, you and your kid will know. Read about Student Entrepreneurs. promotes kids hidden talent
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