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We love to party. But that’s just the part we love. There is nothing lovely about the part of arranging it or cleaning up the mess of that party. Those times when you really need to surprise your loved one but hardly get enough time or resources to do so. Seems like a startup sprung out for the very same.

MYSEHARI is one such startup which promises to handle all your surprises and wishes. A party planning and executive destination, MYSEHARI aim to fulfil its client’s desires with sheer awesomeness. You can order cakes, gifts bouquets and what not?

Rakesh Tadishetty Founder of MSEHARI, aged 24 is a tech evangelist ;which includes a lot of travelling because of which he used to miss out a lot on parties and the birthdays of his loved ones. This got him thinking and thus, MYSEHARI is born. A system which helps us celebrate the dearest people and make them happy with our surprises.


Mysehari delivers timed service and high-class products from the best vendors in the city. Midnight parties and surprises are arranged with appropriate police permission. Cakes and other simple items are delivered right to the users on time by their delivery boys. Mysehari also comes up as an android application in the play store.

Armed with his teammates Shiva Kumar, his co-founder and Abhimithra, programme manager, all under their thirties come with a wide array of an arsenal in their product. Backed by their event management team and a good clientage, they have managed an impressive 2 lakhs business in their baby step stage.

“The recruitment for my team was not a simple job. We got our Tech guys after a lot of digging and interviews for candidates proficient in Android development and web development” Says Rajesh speaking to the IndianCEO.

The firm is looking for further funding by interested investors so as to improve and widen their business circle in places even out of   Hyderabad. In this age of being hyper busy all the time and too little time for arranging any such surprises, it feels good to finally find a contact to look up to when we decide to throw a party to our friend or a surprise to our loved ones.

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