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Mydigicity is your local map

There is a lot to offer from the local Indian markets but the information available is limited, even claims from google suggest the same where google reported that about 4 in 5 search queries are Local. People search for local information like business working hours, address etc. Although there many players in this segment have successfully managed to provide basic information of a local business, the problem still seems to be persisting.  People are keen to know more and the information available is sparse on the internet. Local Businesses have been far far away from Technology and they’re simply clueless about how to create a website. Statistics suggest that India upholds a whopping 50 Million SME industry, and there is a need to solve these serious problems.

Mydigicity came up with solutions to this problem. Mydigicity is a Local Website Delivery platform. Its built with a powerful CMS platform, MDC Build, that can generate a website in just 2 minutes. Filling a simple form, creates a website which can be easily managed from their Dashboard. they currently have features like readymade templates, patent-pending SEO algorithm which generates more leads for businesses, performance statistics, galleries, videos, attachments etc. Very soon they are going to integrate Deals, E-Commerce and Service Booking features.

Price and flexibility are Mydigicity’s USP’s. Whenever people talk about websites, they have lot of specifications regarding features, menus, content, design etc., their system is flexible enough to solve any requirement, and the beauty is their DIY solution. And, when taking the technology to ground level, it should be made affordable and hence mydicity websites are so. They have designed the packages keeping an Indian Small Business in mind. It starts at just 5,000/- per anum to 15,000/- per anum which includes Website along with Brand Video.

How it all started?

Mydigicity is brainchild of Mr. YVR Srinivas Rao who is the chairman of company, who identified the gap between technology and the Indian SME industry. Many players have tried to make their mark in this segment but the problem still persists. With his vast experience in computers, he very soon came up with the idea of a super-simple website builder, which was perfectly implemented by the execution team Venkat(Co-Founder), Srivatsa(Co-Founder & CEO), Srikanth(Co-Founder) and Ketan(Co-Founder).

Building a core team was not much of a challenge because of the fact that everyone in the team had an entrepreneurial spirit within. One evening, Mr. Srinivas Rao called up Venkat, Srikanth and Srivatsa to explain his idea and very soon all of them got aligned together, discussing technicalities, business model etc. Ketan who was a friend, later declined offers from Accenture, Infosys and another MNC and joined the board as COO. Team Mydigicity brings in diversified professions to one place. They are engineers from Computers, Mechanical, Civil and Electronics together making the perfect blend for a ‘Founding Team’.

How it Fared in the market?

Since inception, Mydigicity has been doing exceptionally well in the market. currently have 10,000+ businesses on-board and 100+ paying customers. They had the oppurtunity to work with the Government as well, they have delivered a website for Telangana State Technology Services.

Mydigicity has been bootstrapped till now. As they currently have the product ready, their only goal was on building the business. And as an entrepreneur, the goal should be on getting a business right, not funding. they have bootstrapped to success, they currently make revenues that suffices office rent and employee salaries.  As they plan to scale up in technology and infrastructure, they are now looking for funding.


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