Motor Helpers: For a hassle free roadside journey

Motor Helpers

Motor Helpers(MH) are your 24×7 road side assistance

In A Nutshell

Everyone hates a roadside vehicle breakdown. But there seems to be a solution to that with a simple app .Motor Helpers is a GPS based aggregator for all the automobile service providers near the user. It’s more of a Google+Uber for automobile services. It helps a person to reach out to the nearby service provider during the vehicle breakdown. Motor Helpers is an app for all the Vehicle users who are out of warranty or do not have any Roadside Assistance Plans purchased. It covers two- wheelers, four-wheelers and heavy vehicles. MH is a potential app for all the vehicle users who are out of warranty or do not have any roadside Assistance Plans purchased.

The Motor Helpers app is simple to use for repair services. GPS enabled map based service empowers the user to make an informed decision based on service provider’s availability, approximate distance and feedback by other users. Easy access is provided to value add information like the closest car wash, wheel alignment, fuel stations, dealers, police station etc., SOS Feature which enables the broadcast communication via SMS to the nearby service providers for ASAP breakdown assistance. Motor Helpers is developing specialised features that help the users to track the renewal of their vehicular insurance, next service, PUC etc.

Behind The Curtains

Ashfaq Ahmed
(Founder, Motor Helpers)

Ashfaq Ahmed(Founder, Motor Helpers) experienced an on road bike trouble and had to go through a lot of physical dilemmas to get his bike repaired. The same incident repeated itself now with a flat tyre. This sprung as a eureka moment for him. He thought that nobody should face the troubles he did. There was no looking back from then. He was soon joined by Rajesh Kumar, Shoaib Ahmed (Tech team); Md. Ansar(Domains Expert), Vinay Reddy(Data collection lead).

The firm assures a hassle free service and with the Motor Helpers installed on the user’s smartphone, they can expect a breakdown worry-free travel.

The revenue generation for Motor Helpers is from the repair service providers.  All the key features to support breakdown are in place and are undergoing through enhancements. The product in an agile software development methodology and pushing towards completed features to the market as they are ready. There are about 300+ Service Providers at the moment on-boarded and claim to have around 200 play store downloads. It has just been launched for Hyderabad region on the Android Play Store. This road side assistance app is yet to start their marketing campaigns.

MH is planning to complete the backlog of features they have for their product. They also want to scale up their operations from Hyderabad Pilot to PAN India. The firm is as of now bootstrapped and is looking for investors to push the venture to glory.

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