Morning Fresh prepares a natural alcohol detox drink

morning fresh

This young and energetic team came up with a natural alcohol detox drink

Closely linked to the parent company Sericare, Morning Fresh is a young start-up company that has its roots very much in biotechnology, research and R&D. They focus on filling market gaps and creating value add products through silk proteins. One of the flagship products that uses these proteins as a liver detoxer is Morning Fresh. It took 2 years in R&D to finalise the formulation and have been in the market for 7 months that involved a lot of primary data collection and since it’s entirely a new concept to the Indian market, they had to dig deep to really understand what a customer would respond well to and to get a better idea of the market size. Too much of testing at the lab and exposure to as much constructive criticism would have been a footstep to design an overall product and branding strategy.

That Kick Moment when your experiment ends up with fantastic results

During the research they discovered that, certain amino-acids in the silk protein resembled a particular naturally occurring liver enzyme in the liver. The team was very excited by the potential of the idea and were quick to gauge the gap in the market. So they decided to test the hypothesis and did a pre-clinical study and got fantastic results, which was really an ‘aha’ moment and that encouraged them to start developing the product.

Sky is not the limit

Mitali Tandon, Founder

Founded by Mitali Tandon. Being a lean team, their initial step was to ensure high quality and efficient production, followed by a dynamic and strategic game plan for the brand. Sericare is headed by Mitali’s father  who has extensive academic and professional experience in the world of business, bio-technology and business development. He brings his collective experience, love for bio-technology, wisdom and foresight to the table while Mitali adds creative energy, new technology and out-of-the box marketing strategies. Morning Fresh, a self funded start-up is still growing and is expected to reach the sky soon.

Revenue Traction and reach

The team currently retails through bars & restaurants to help set the context of Morning Fresh to customers, through e-commerce on websites and other portals like Amazon which caters to Pan-India demand. They also work with wedding / event planners. Starting off with roughly 200 – 300 bottles a month, Morning Fresh has now up to 3000 per month. With the festive season around the corner, hoping to double that number.

Being one Unique Product

The USP is that, they are the only post-drink solution in India that is natural. By having an expansive knowledge of these proteins, can diversify the product range quickly. They do have a multi-dimension revenue model that comes from online sales, creating word of mouth and developing co-branding opportunities with event organisers, wedding planners and other alcohol distribution companies etc.

What The Product actually does

Morning Fresh helps the reactivation of an existing enzyme in the liver that rapidly breaks down/metabolises alcohol in the body and converts it into non-toxic metabolites. This process along with the other natural ingredients helps protect and maintain liver health. It is important that Morning Fresh is taken as a LAST drink at the evening, to stay hydrated and experience the maximum benefit of the product.

The Road is not going to end

The team is striving for Morning Fresh to become synonymous with responsible drinking and healthy living. The point is that they are always looking for creative ways to add an element of  “freshness” to their brand and innovation is a large part of our brand strategy. They have done several interesting campaigns and collaborations that have been successful in creating customer awareness and engagement. The Bro’ster ( is the first ever digital interactive coaster that uses big data to map our drinking curve and shoots out funny, witty and occasionally mean messages through the evening. It tells when we’ve gone too far and even when it is required to order a Morning Fresh or cab!
The team recently created The Alculator ( that helps us plan our nights out and drink smart by calculating the number of hours we lose to hangovers annually. It’s simple, they just want us to spend more time doing the things we love and less time hungover! Website –

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