Door Step Mobile Phone Mending Services by Buzzmeeh

Puneet Gupta, Founder & Director,

Buzzmeeh services mobile phone at your door step

Getting your Smartphone repaired by a trusted technician has been a hassle these days. He may not be a certified person but he will be the only specialist in your locality. Risking the life of your mobile in the hands of an amateur is not worth the dime.

Something of the same hit, Mr. Puneet Gupta (Founder) when he bought a brand new phone and was not fine with the software aspect after a few days. This resulted in a time waste and trouble to get to the service centre and all went fine except that the time spent cannot be gained back. This got Puneet to contemplate and thus, was born. is a simple door to door service and mending platform which offers the best quality mobile and tablet repair service. They even provide a standby phone to their customers whilst the repairs are in progress. SMS updates on the progress of the repair and other services that address the pain points of our customers are also available.

The service routine begins with picking the faulty device within 2 hours of request anywhere in Delhi & NCR region. The customers are provided with a fully functional standby phone replacing their device. Thereafter, the team of experienced and seasoned technicians work on fixing the phone. The users are kept posted via live SMS updates on the repair.

The services are even warranted. Once through with the repairs, the devices are dropped back at the doorstep of the customers.

Buzzmeeh is a bootstrap venture which has been self-sustaining since its establishment. Puneet is a serial entrepreneur and leads the Buzzmeeh team along with Anjali Negi, Tanuja Binjola, Sagar Ahuja, all in their late 20’s and early 30’s striving to make their product the best in the unorganised service and repair market of Mobiles and Tablets.

Though the firm initially had difficulties generating revenues due to the lack of awareness and exposure, they are self-sufficient now thanks to little marketing and word of mouth publicity they have achieved since long.

Poised to further enhance their service platform by adding other devices and gadgets to the arsenal, Buzzmeeh’s operations as of now are limited to Delhi and NCR and they are looking to expand to different towns and cities in the next phase and at the same time striving to make their brand a default choice for all device needs for everybody.

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