India Now has its own Artificial Intelligence Based Messenger

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The Desi Mike Messenger with the Smartest Features

The first question which comes in your mind is, is Mike just another messenger like Whats app, Hike or WeChat. Well it is of course an app messenger, but it integrates all your favorite apps in one user face. It is an intelligent and a smart app which understands our requirements from different apps. We spoke to the founders of Mike Messenger,  to know more about the smart app.

What exactly is Mike?

It is an intelligent smart messenger with an unique technology,  with a natural Language Processing and Machine Learning. This messenger smartly puts your thoughts into words. It studies and understands your communication with different apps. Then it gives you easy options to put your thoughts into words to manage various apps in one app.

What was the most difficult phase with your introduction with Mike?

We have to say finding investors for our app was a major challenge. In our  initial stages we went through financial crunch for taking our app forward. But thankfully we now have investors for our app.

What made you decide to start with this venture ?

Well the idea clicked one day in college while our group was planning for a movie. We wanted to book the tickets online. Trust me the planning did not go smooth at all. We had time issue while switching between different apps. Storing information met with memory issue. Coordinating among friends and booking tickets online experienced technical glitches. It was then that we hit upon the idea of a smart messenger which takes care of all communications via different apps. Thus the inception of ‘Mike’ started.

A peek into the team of Mike

The app is the mastermind of Pranay Jain (26) and Ravina Mutha (25) both based out of Maharashtra. Pranay Jain is a major in Economics with a minor in technology. His prime job is to build the user interface and to give logic and functionality to the app. Ravina’s KRA is to systematically allocate resources within Mike. She majorly  looks after the marketing and HR roles of Mike. Abhijit Pawar and Neha Shah Pawar are the prime financer for Mike.

Sandeep Jayshankar, a software engineer designs and takes care of the artificial intelligence and language processor of Mike. This is the base of Mike. Mehul (20) is the PR and Brand Manager of Mike. There is a 10 member technical team who works unexhaustingly day and night to keep Mike going.

What is the USP of Mike Messenger?

In this gush of app revolution, downloading various apps leads to space crunch in your phone. Not only that, many apps spams your phone memory too. Mike is a perfect answer to such woes. It is one app for all app. It takes minimal space and does the job required smoothly.

How did you know about StartUp India and what was your goal while participating in the event?

We came to know about StartUp India Rocks from Nasscom. We want Mike Messenger to get recognised on the higher panel. Our goal is to pitch strong for Mike Messenger so that investors realise the potential of this app.

How well have you prepared to pitch in the finals? Do you have a mentor who does that?

We have good experience in pitching before as we participated in Fast Forward by IIMB event and Hackathon Pune. We even won the contest. So the skill set we possess , I guess we are going to make it happen in Startup India Rocks too.

How much funding are you expecting and how will you utilize it?

We are looking at an amount of $500k that will go straight to our team expansion and extensive management. We really want to see Mike grow.

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