Medical doctor run startup that fights lifestyle diseases – NutriHealth

Dr. Shikha’s NutriHealth is a platform offering comprehensive health and diet management programs. She is a medical doctor by training, from Kashmir and it was while working as a Junior Doctor in Cardiology that she realized that most of the patients in the ICU had no idea about the root cause of their heart problem. The patients were also likely to relapse into unhealthy eating after treatment. This prompted her to set up Dr Shikha’s NutriHealth in 2012. The company raised series A funding of Rs 12 crore from Singapore-based OneHealth Ventures Pvt Ltd in 2016.

Since its inception, NutriHealth has been actively working in the field of weight management and the prevention and treatment of lifestyle-related disorders. It brings together Modern Medicine techniques and Ayurvedic principles of different food types for different body constitution. This helps them in preparing personalized diet programs. The services at NutriHealth are delivered through Voice, Video, and App.

Dr. Shikha’s NutriHealth has a tele-nutrition centre with over 175 people including doctors, nutritionists, and technologists. The team believes in women empowerment and this is evident from the fact their service team of nutritionists and doctors comprises all women.

DrShikha’s NutriHealth has serviced a customer base of over 50,000 till date and manages

 2, 00,000+ calls every month. The organization has an active base of over 3500 clients at any given point in time who subscribe to their 3, 6, or 12-month services. The mobile app, called YuWow, has an active customer usage of about 85% and the organization gets over 40% new clients through the existing satisfied clients!

Through the App client is assigned a personal doctor and nutritionist. Once proper counseling by the nutritionist is done, the client is given a customized diet plan based on their lifestyle and health conditions.

Idea behind the Project

Dr Shikha started with preventive healthcare consultations. When these did not work out, she re-packaged them as weight loss consultations and that worked! She also worked on integrating Vedic nutrition and Modern Nutrition.

The Eureka moment for her came much later, when she transformed the Clinical brick-and-mortar model into the tele-nutrition centre model, where everything came together more successfully, right from digital marketing to client servicing in a centralized fashion.

The core team

Dr. Shikha Sharma – She is 47 years (Medical Doctor from MAMC, New Delhi), and is the Managing Director and Founder of DrShikha’s NutriHealth.

Dr. Shikha Sharma, Founder, Dr Shikha’s Nutri Health

Other members include:

COO – Mr Sanjay Sehgal

AGM- Sales : Parampreet Arora

Service : Dr Vinita Sharma (BAMS), Dr Reena Rawat(BAMS),

Marketing : Aashima Saini(MBA, IIM-I),

B2B : Rohit Kumar(MBA, IIM-K),

Finance: GautamBehl (CA, B.Com),

HR : Richa Singh (MBA-HR),

IT : Sunil Vaishnav (B.Tech, IIT-Delhi), Jai Ram Singh (B.Tech, IIT-Guhawati)

Revenue, Traction, and Growth

NutriHealth has grown in revenue from 12 lakh annually to 10 crore (trending).

USP of NutriHealth

One key Difference that the Founder feels is that there is integration of Vedic Nutrition with modern Science to create the concept of Nutri-genetics.

Following the concept of Nutri-genetics, NutriHealth analyses the blood test reports and Prakriti, the body type of any individual before designing and prescribing diets. Nutri-genetics is based on the observation that each person is different genetically and that the effect of food on each person varies according to his or her genetic structure. The ‘joy of healthy living’ and ‘Living Light’ inspired the formation of NutriHealth. Life is best experienced when one is healthy. Nutrition management is the most sustainable way to stay healthy in the long run. NutriHealth’s vision is to help each person actualize his or her highest potential for well-being, effectively and with sensitiveness, by providing personalised nutrition advice.

Revenue Model

1- B2C Direct sales to people looking at correcting lifestyle disorders, by providing a coaching and counselling program @ their Convenience

2- SHS with Personal Coaching

3- Products for healthier Lifestyle

4- Backend partners for the Hospitals and Polyclinics looking to outsource their Nutrition services and optimising their costs.

Funding received till date

NutriHealth has received a funding of US $2 million from Singapore-based OneHealth Ventures Pvt Ltd.

Modus Operandi

NutriHealth offers nutrition advisory for the management of weight, diabetes, cholesterol, PCOS, post-pregnancy, etc. Every registered client is assigned a personal doctor and nutritionist who after doing the complete profiling of the client (Prakriti, lifestyle, and health conditions), creates a customized diet plan. Throughout the programme, the nutritionist not only plans the diet but also focuses on the compliance monitoring by way of calling the client two to three times per week. The team believes that compliance monitoring is the key to achieve results.

Future plans

Dr. Shikha’s NutriHealth aims to become the Intel of Nutrition Advisory within India, a one-stop-shop for all Nutrition Advisory and research within the country. Read more on Indian Startups.

Medical doctor run startup that fights lifestyle diseases – NutriHealth
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