“Come straight, take a left at the temple, cross the railway track, take a right near the big blue house, and come straight till the road forks. Take the right side road and take sharp 1st right and then a sharp left and you will be at my house. I am standing right here”

Then you hear your friend’s blank voice on the phone that there is no house there, just a huge shopping complex. He starts screaming and shouting at you for misguiding him and for your inability to tell a simple address. You don’t know where he is now and everything from there on becomes more and more chaotic. It’s all because of the lengthy address. Whenever we apply or register anywhere, we are asked to fill in the address many times over. To tackle this problem of time consuming addressing process, maptags came up with a fun and short solution.


There is no consistent address standard in India. Long and meaningless addresses without standardization are extremely confusing. Instead of having many codes like pin code, area code, road code, how great it would be to have a simple and short word to give your address! This is what sparked the idea of maptags in the mind of the Founder & CEO, Krishna Yogi (age 31 years) who has 10+ years in analytics and was previously a Data scientist at Microsoft. The team is Jinesh(CTO), Pruthvi(VP, Android Development), Rajat Jain ( VP, Technology), Abhinav Saksena (COO and CO-founder), Shashi (VP, Business Development), Vamsi Vinta (VP, Business Development), Sachin Jain(VP, Marketing), Nikhil(VP, Marketing) and Saumya Sunder(VP, Content Marketing). With everyone so used to the age old system of addressing, the biggest challenge is to bring about a change in customer perception. About 70-80% of Indian businesses are not mapped which can be tapped into.


Maptags is a smart address platform which aims to revolutionize the field of addressing. The startup provides the user to create a maptag for any of his addresses. A maptag is a simple word which will denote your entire address. All you have to do is choose a tag name and attach your address to it. This maptag can be used to send your address as a location to your friends or as e-commerce address just by sending a url link. Additional items such location (latitude and longitude), Facebook, twitter, availability timings and event notifications if any and even the pictures of the place can be attached to the maptag. In cases of emergencies, food deliveries, mail or courier services, no problems due to the address will be encountered. The other feature provided by the startup is to write a list of tag names and register them as your own. Whenever anybody in the world wants to use that tag name, you can always sell it to the person and make a few bucks.


Within a short span of one year $6000 revenue has been generated by maptags with active customers in US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and India and thousands of businesses as users. With a plan to come up with more features, to tie up with digital India campaign and to expand globally, maptags is creating its own mark in the addressing world. Visit their website at . Read more Startup Stories.

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