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Life after BTech gives educational and career advice

Most of the students are pressurised to select a course in line with their passion. Many Graduates are unemployed because of lack of expertise in their education and insufficient career guidance. This is where Life after BTech comes in.

Life After BTech – LAB, a unit of CVCorp aims to show a career path to many college students and enriches them with the appropriate career possibilities.

Around 4298 engineering colleges are established in India. Twelve to thirteen lakh students are graduating from these colleges every year. While the number of engineering graduates is increasing, the employability rate is decreasing in India. Engineering graduates are remaining jobless due to competition in every field. Let us look at the Statistics.

➢ Let us consider this: if 13 lakh people are completing their engineering every year, from those 66% are clue less i.e. without any job and few of them are learning some programming languages and roaming for jobs.

➢ Only 19 percent of the graduates are getting jobs, most of them are placed through campus placements and references.

➢ 13 to 14 percent students are going for higher education like M.Tech, MS or MBA.

➢ Only 1 % people are starting up their own Business!

Most of the students join B.Tech courses because they are forced by their parents as it is a status symbol for them or they are not aware of all the possible options a student can do after a bachelor’s degree.


What to do after B.Tech? What all the career options I can have? Which career is best for me?  Go for job or further studies? A B.Tech student will have all these questions in his/her mind from the third year of engineering.

After completing B.Tech one can have three career options available for them.

  1. Higher education
  2. Jobs
  3. Entrepreneurship (start a business on their own)

Typically what occurs to students is the thought that they’ll trade their choices and their profession without any problems. For instance, you have decided to study MS abroad and start your preparations for GRE exam. After some days you notice that some of your friends are preparing for the GATE exam, which is an entrance exam for M.Tech. So you suddenly stop preparing for GRE and begin preparing for GATE. This is the common mistake students are making. Never do this because it will get you nowhere. Subsequently you could lose a year or greater, after engineering because of your indecision.

Higher Education

If you plan to do higher studies after B.Tech, there are adequate opportunities for you both in India and abroad. If you are interested in doing your master’s degree in India then you can write GATE Exam. With a rank below 500 in GATE you can pursue your M.Tech in premier institutes like IISCs, IITs etc. If on the other hand, you plan to do your masters abroad, you need to write two exams one is GRE and the other is to test your English proficiency skills like IELTS, TOEFL and PTE. After getting your score card you have to apply for the universities, which is a tedious process.

Immediately pursuing MBA after completing B.Tech is not advisable, it is better to have at least 2 years of work experience before going for MBA. CAT, GMAT etc. are the entrance exams one needs to clear to pursue MBA in India.


  1. Private jobs
  2. Government jobs

Many software and core companies are hiring students by conducting on campus placements, off campus placements, pool campus placements etc.

If your aim is to get a job in the private sector, the best way to get it is through campus placements. You need to know the selection processes of the companies which regularly visit your college for hiring students and be prepared with all the required documents and knowledge to crack the interview. There are two kinds of companies which visit the colleges for hiring students, one is core companies. They hire students only from a particular branch of engineering and the other is software companies, these companies will allow all the graduating students to appear for the interview.

Government jobs:

If you are willing to settle down in government sector there are many jobs available for you. After completing your graduation you can appear for government exams like SSC, RRB etc. Most of the government jobs are filled by conducting written exam followed by an interview. Nowadays the competition for government jobs has become intense. You can also write Indian Engineering Services (IES) exam which is conducted by central government to enter in to Indian defence services of engineering etc.


To become an entrepreneur, you first need an idea which will make you successful. If you want to become an entrepreneur but you have no idea what to do, then you first need to list everything that society needs. Then from this list, choose any domain you are interested in. There are ample opportunities available for engineering graduates. Only thing is you need to select a career in which you are interested in and have knowledge about the various possible careers that each branch offers. To succeed in your career you must decide what you want to do after engineering and start preparation towards achieving that goal right from your third year of B.Tech. If you follow all these guidelines, then you will be successful after engineering.

Other Careers:

LAB provides 100+ Career Options for Students .There are many other career options like Designing, Digital Marketing, Defence, Sales Manager, Photographer, and Fashion Designing.

Life after BTech, is a scholar centric platform that advises students a suitable career in which they can excel and LAB updates events which are going on. It gives guidance on how to tackle interviews and how to perform during internships. LAB aims to create awareness among the students that there are many career paths to choose from and plenty of jobs available after the completion of their degrees. “Students can sign in at”, said Chaitanya Vaddi (CEO, LAB).

“The beta version of ‘Life after BTech’ will be launched on November 2nd 2016”, said Haritha (Lab In charge).

“We water the seeds an individual can bring out of his/her career”, said Nikeelu Gunda (Product Manager). The team works towards creating a suitable environment and a better platform for students to achieve success. G. Sai Vivek Reddy, K.Sai kiran, P. Vishal Vinay constitute the team. Read more on Startup News

Life after BTech gives educational and career advice
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