Kabali lessons for startups – CEO Tv – Episode 8

Startups can learn a lot from the movie Kabali

5 Kabali lessons for startups

  • Be Stylish – Startups need to be as stylish as possible. If you have a great product and a bad UI, then it is of no good.
  • Hasty decisions – Be cool and take decisions, every decision is count for a startup.
  • Always have an advisor- Kabali’s advisor was his wife, similarly every startup should have an advisor who will push them to new level.
  • Believe in yourself – The guys comes out of jail after 25 years but still has the confidence that he will be the no1 leader. Similarly startups should always believe in themselves and don’t waver off from the initial plan.
  • Don’t create a hype – Lot of hype increased audience expectations and the movie did not do well. Startups should talk about their product but not boast about it, the product will not be successful if the customers’ expectations are higher than the actual product.

Hope you like Kabali lessons

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