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Don’t get hackled with promotional texts- SMS Sunami is here

SMS Sunami’s eureka moment was when the founding team worked with their previous product, Street Smart. They wanted to hack the system of curating hyperlocal offers from local merchants. Street Smart prevented them from scaling up & limited them to focus on particular geographies. They were forced to find a solution to automate the entire system of curating offers from various sources. This need gave birth to SMS Sunami.

In a Nut Shell

SPAM is the most hated word in the digital world after a slow internet and pop up ads. SMS Sunami is an app which promises to solve that problem for you. SMS Sunami segregates all of your messages into an orderly way separating promotional content from what actually matters. SMS Sunami comes from the creators of ’Street Smart’. Street Smart was an app helps to find hyperlocal deals & offers for offline shopping which forced them to find an alternative to solve the challenge of curating offers. They wanted to protect users from spam /promotional SMS flood.

The idea of aggregating & segregating the transactional, promotional, spam &others SMS into different categories for easy identification proved to be a hit idea.

Behind The Curtains

The Sunami app once installed on an android phone will organise all SMS in inbox into categories such as tickets, bills, food, electronics, telecom, lifestyle, travel, entertainment, health & fitness. It basically is an SMS organiser app with many features:

Delete with 1 Click:

Sunami deletes all your Spam / Promo / Junk SMS with

  • Call to Action Buttons: Sunami app also recognises PNR , brands , offers , coupons , hyperlinks , contact numbers , the location from SMS text & shows it as buttons for better interaction & eliminating the need to search for the text when needed . Call to Action button has been provided automatically for these.
  • Sender Identification with Logo: App identifies the sender with brand logo for easy identification. The app works both, in offline & online mode.
  • Privacy &  Security : Sunami app ignores( does not read )personal messages such as SMSs from  10 digit Numbers , so personal images are safe and secure . The app also does not delete any sensitive SMS such as OTPs, banks, bills, tickets.
  • Contextual Reminders : Sunami is intelligent enough to understand consumer’s need / intent / interest based on the context and provides with coupons / offers / tickets / Other info at the right time .
Prabhu SNM, Founder, SMS Sunami

Sunami was founded by  Prabhu SNM, A 26-year-old and a former software engineer. , Prakhar Dighe is a core IT engineer who worked for a couple of startups building android apps before joining the Sunami team. Sudeep is also from Engg background started joining their services startup BASE 2 as an intern. His passion & fast learning curve shaped him to be a key team player for their first product ‘Street Smart’. In its early stages of pre-revenue, the firm still has 3 revenue channels in place, with 1st Paying customer Magicx. With more than 900 organic downloads, their beta version was launched the last march. 82% of these are returned, users. Sunami as of now is spreading more by word of mouth.

SMS Sunami wants to increase its growth trajectory exponentially once they reach their target of 5000 users by the end of June.

SMS Sunami wants to be a unified gateway for all mobile transactions / bookings / shopping. A one stop for all DTH and as such recharges without any 3rd party app interference. They want to flourish in the SMS industry in India & soon be the most preferred app for SMS management in the mobile space.

SMS Sunami was part of 10 thought provoking startups at Impact Chapter Hyderabad

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