Incentives for effectiveness says Genie Rewards

The word incentive itself catches people’s attention. Incentive can be cash or coupons or movie tickets. Genei Rewards believes that effective marketing of a product can be done only when a consumer is given incentives to view the product. The golden questions come to our mind is number of conversions. For that you and I have to use this platform.

A report by IAMAI (Internet And Mobile Association of India) says that there will be a total of 500 million Internet users (out of a total population of 1.25 billion) in India by 2017 and the number of mobile Internet users will be 314 million. At the end of 2014, there were 82 million 3G subscribers in India, but that number is expected to almost triple to 284 million by the end of 2017.

Mobile has survived several cycles of buzzword status, but the fact remains that it still represents one of the biggest opportunities for founders to target. This led companies to focus more on mobiles, rather than the traditional desktops. With the growing mobile market, it has become quite hard for the companies to target mobile users and retain their loyalty. Also, it has become extremely difficult to find customer base.

With these facts and figures Mr. Moukthik Kiran Reddy developed a solution to this huge problem. The solution is called Genie Rewards. Lots of trial runs were done in test markets and groups to finally perfect it to a market acceptance product.

Genie Rewards is a mobile app discovery platform intended for companies to find a loyal user base. The platform acquires users to become part of their user base and provide them incentives for trying out new products. This way both the advertisers and the users get benefitted mutually. And though there are competitors to them, what differentiates them with others, is their competitive pricing. This will also help first timers and entrepreneurs to get their product across a vast audience.

The team says, “We found that lot of companies, either be it new or established are always looking for new users, and the cost of finding has gone up due to Omni-channel engagement. The market is over saturated with huge number of products in each sector and it has become incredibly difficult for businesses that have a limited budget, to promote themselves and get conversions. We wanted to solve this problem. And so, we founded Genie Rewards”

It’s been 2 months and they claim to have an audience base of 5000 users. The icing on the cake is that all these users are waiting to get their hands on new products in the market. In a way, it’s the perfect user base for a company to get their product discovered and to establish themselves in this crowded market.

They are a self-funded startup with a vision to help companies acquire new customers.

Here is the play store link for the APP

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