Customer Experience is the key to stand out of the crowd, Ikvox helps you improve it

On special occasions of birthdays and anniversaries, we dress up, look special and go out to restaurants to celebrate with our loved ones. First they make us wait in a long queue. Finally, we get a table but we don’t have a waiter who attends us. After raising our hand like a students in a classroom and making number of sounds and catch any waiter’s attention, we order. Then again we have to wait for a really long time till we get what we ordered and the food will turn up cold. We call the waiter and shout at him furiously. Anyway he sniggers behind our backs and leaves. And there goes our most special day in the worst way possible. In such situations, customer’s dissatisfaction almost never reaches the restaurateur. If there was a way to connect the consumer and the producer, positive criticism and feedback helps make the product better. What smarter way to do it other than with an app. With this idea in hand, Ikvox came into existence.


No proper feedback collection ways and very few grievances coming back from customers, doesn’t help the owner. Also feedback on paper takes a lot of time to reach the owner and delayed feedback surely means loss of customers. So the founders wanted to capture the voice of the people and hence named the startup “Ikvox”, meaning “the voice”, which is a word of Dutch and Latin origin. It was started 6 months back by Gaurav Kumar, a computer sciences student of IIT and Kiran Kumar Kulishetti, an ISM Dhanbad student. They have had five pilot runs on restaurants, spas, hospitals and automobile service stations. The start of sales cycle begins in hospitals and restaurants from the 1st of October. With a workforce of 11 members of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science teams, the startup came up with a new technology for feedback collection.


Ikvox captures feedback through feedbots, tablets and websites. The services provided have different features. The features are simple feedback collection and negative feedback alerts which go to Ikvox users as soon as a negative response is received from the customers. Data Analytics and CRM are further provided to those users in need of better customer experience management. But what really makes Ikvox stand apart from its competitors Fungroo and Medallia is the feedbot. Feedbot is a bot (artificial intelligence system) that takes feedback as well as acts as a chatbot. A chatbot is a feature that helps Ikvox users respond and reply to the customer feedback from wherever in the world. The chatbot learns and builds its responses through experience other than basic replies fed into the system. This technology is possible through the development of AI engine and algorithm which was quite challenging.

Ikvox’s Feedbot Tablet that collects feedback to improve customer experience


Ikvox plans to become a singular channel for providing customer feedback to a brand, product or service, collecting information from all platforms and media there are to help them know the pulse of the buyers. Ikvox further wants to enter into the marketing campaigning and customer management domains.

The founders of Ikvox very strongly believe and suggest brands and owners to win customers, not by discounts and offers, but by listening to the customers “voice” and providing good quality products and services.

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