Hypertrack lets you track anything and everything!


Don’t spend a ton on building tracking technology for your business. HyperTrack provides use anytime anywhere tracking APIs

HyperTrack uses technology that could help in tracking an order, a shipping or other things using RFID over the years. But this technology has failed in a certain number of times. What if this technology of tracking is spread to locating different services from cabs to ordered food, groceries etc.

Every time any of the delivery boys goes out on a job the firm has no way to track them. It’s annoying and leads to inefficiencies in the business. And not to forget impatient customers who want updates on the status of their deliveries. Coordinating and tracking these logistics have become imperative for a lot of businesses. Being able to know the location and status of their cab or parcel is something that customers are beginning to expect. And yet the technology required to provide this information is often not the core competency of the cab or courier company.

At this point of time former Future Bazaar President Kashyap Deorah ventured. When he decided to travel the world for five months in 2014-15, everywhere he went, he noticed the proliferation of apps that offered rides, and the delivery of food and the other local products and services. Kashyap, whose startup ‘Chalo’ had been acquired by ‘OpenTable’, noticed that the on-demand hyper local economy was riding a new global wave. Kashyap also noticed that just as e-commerce was built on top of a bunch of software primitives, the primitives for this new economy were just being built.

When Kashyap returned to India, he discussed the prospect of building a platform for developers at on-demand startups. He discussed a number of primitives and zeroed in on track and trace. In the last quarter of 2015, he finalized the startup HyperTrack as the much needed app, which positions itself as a track and trace service for local deliveries.

Just like ‘Uber’ ride coming to on a map with an ETA, driver’s photo and contact, he wondered why that could not be done for everything else. Using HyperTrack, any app can provide the same experience to its consumers.

Kashyap is a serial entrepreneur and has spent the last 15 years between India and Silicon Valley. During this time, he has started and sold three companies – ‘Righthalf’, ‘Chaupati Bazaar’ and ‘Chalo’. He is also the author of the recently released book ‘The Golden Tap’, the Inside Story of Hyper-funded Indian Startups. ‘Tapan’ one of techie involved in startup HyperTrack started his career as an early employee at ‘Glitterbug’, which went on to become ‘Coverfox’. He was the principal software engineer and led the server team at ‘Chalo’. Kashyap and Tapan are both IIT Bombay alumni.

HyperTrack has learnt that most on-demand startups with in-house developers choose the first option because off-the-shelf driver apps are either not suited to their proprietary use case or get very expensive if they pay per driver per month. Instead, HyperTrack is a developer tool with SDKs and APIs. Companies add the tracking SDK into their own driver apps and tell HyperTrack APIs when the order is out for pickup or delivery. HyperTrack then tracks that order live, and provides interfaces for customers and business operations to do the same through an app or browser, and stores the trace for future reporting and analysis.

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