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8 Hyderabadi Startups are going to Startup India Rocks Finale

8 Hyderabadi startups grab investor’s attention for advancing to Startup India Rocks finale held in Bangalore on 18th & 19th November 2016

8 Hyderabadi startups rocked the investors of their seat to advance to Startup India Rocks Finale in Bangalore.

The 8 brilliant startups are



Fabulyst is an app that gives you style tips if you want to enhance your look for any kind of occasion, be it office or weddings or any other occasions. I met them first in DHI Labs event, where they demonstrated how their app could give me a look, especially for CEO Tv.

Raj Parakh, co-founder told us that they are super happy with the event. They got lots of ideas from networking at the event. App would be enhanced with these new ideas soon plus they are going to enhance their pitch for the finale. When asked about what new feature would be added, “Fabulyst will now have a live chat that will help customer get on demand tips at real time” said Raj.

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Not only celebs even you can own or manage a cricket team at one of the upcoming leagues. The only catch here is that you own them in a game. Hitwicket is a game that allows you to manage a cricket team and play in leagues against other players in real time.

Kashyap Reddy, co-founder told IndianCEO that the team has invested long hours to bring a great user experience and feel to this game. They are looking for 3Cr funding at Startup India Rocks!

“We have been approached by investors post the pitching session regarding possible funding while couple of other investors were sure that we will win in the finale. The crowd had serious investors and critiques which startups need at present”, added Keerti.

Top Notepad


This is a cloud based invoicing and accounting software that will help businesses concentrate more on business and less on accounting. With less that 1 year in existence they were able to get 4500 signups. This dynamic team of 4 are asking for 3Crores to grow their business into global markets by the year end.

Mahesh Soni, Co-founder & CEO told us, “we are very happy with the event and excited to grab the funding we asked for. One of the judge told us that our software is meant to go global ASAP since it has potential. The funding will help us grow fast and furiously”

GoLive Gaming Solutions


One of the early Indian gaming companies that creates great game IPs. Since 2008 they have come out with games that caught the Indian audience mind. From holding some of India’s largest competitive gaming competitions, to making independent games, to being the developer partner for publishers and Intellectual Property holders, to building our own physics frameworks – GoLive has seen it all. Presently working on card battling games and MMO games.

Ravi Kiran, Founder & CEO told IndianCEO, “It was a great pleasure and honor to win the Startup India Rocks event in Hyderabad, and we are excited to showcase our upcoming games to the whole world in the finals in Bangalore. Hopefully we will launch one of our upcoming coming in the finals”

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Mummy Center


This is a first of its kind startup that educates couples about pregnancy, baby’s health till 5 years, dos and don’ts. Such a startup is needed in India, since there are no sources for this information about Indian origin people. WebMd gives information based on American couples/babies; there are other foreign sites but nothing specific to Indian origin.

Raheem Darediya, Co-founder told IndianCEO that he moved back to Indian from USA when they were having their second baby. He realized that his wife was still referring to the same US apps and websites. This was his Eureka moment.

“With the 2Cr funding we will be able to do extensive marketing that is needed to promote this product in India. We launched in July and our website is ready, by next month end our app will lunch and later we will come up with the magazine. This is our first event and our first pitch and we are happy that things are falling into place”



They are not into selling 3D printers; they help business with acquiring technology and equipment for 3D printing. Apart form this they are also equipping resources with knowledge on handling 3D systems. Currently they have 2 colleges that they are transferring their knowledge to.

When asked Aditya Atluri about 3D printing industry he said “You will be shocked to know, right from Jewellery to clothing, everything needs 3D printing. The industry needs more consultants like us who will help them acquire 3D technology.”

Coming to the event, Aditya is very happy to be part of the event; he found out that all founders are trying to fight an industry pain point. Lot of knowledge sharing happened and startups were helping other startups. The startup ecosystem in Hyderabad is building up he added.

Eunimart Multichannel Pvt Ltd


I first confused them for a global marketplace, but when Shayak Mazumder, CEO, told us about the idea, I knew they were going win for sure. Eunimart is a one-point solution for sellers to manage their catalog/listings, inventory, orders, logistics and payments across multiple marketplaces from across the globe.

Eunimart has an online Trade Automation System to determine landing price in any country taking into account taxes, duties, logistics costs, payment fees, commissions, etc. at a product level changing daily based upon the Inter Banking Rate for the day, a smart shipping solution to determine best shipping rates and decide the perfect logistics partner depending upon the product and destination.

All products are sent through a complete DTP (Duties and Taxes Paid) solution end to end, making it hassle free for the sellers and the customers. Now with this startup in play, our Indian sellers can reach global markets without any investment. They are looking at a funding of 4 Cr from this event.

Shayak Mazumder told IndianCEO, “With just 3 months in the industry we have 900 sellers and 4 global markets in our kitty, just imagine what we can do when we get funded. We are very happy with the way the event has been formatted; looking forward to the Finale”



Total investment till date of INR 30 Lakhs has given them current revenues of INR 4Cr, is what caught the judges interest in this startup. They are a consulting firm that is competing with the giants like EY and McKinsey. They provide insights into different verticals from Agriculture to aerospace and defense.

In the event they are trying to raise additional capital of INR 6 Cr so that they can expand into foreign markets and boost their revenues upto INR 20 Cr.

Around 30+ startups were screened for pitching at the Hyderabad chapter of Startup India Rocks. 6 well known investors were called upon as judging at this pitching session. They are

Mr. P. S. Sreekanth, Investment Director at Hyderabad Angels

Mr. Shyam Peela, Director/Partner at Evoke Technologies

Ms. Sreedevi Devireddy, Executive Director at TiE – Hyderabad

Mr. N.R..R. Vijayakumar, Founder & CKO, Aequitas Global

Mr. Viiveck Verma, Coach, Investor, Philanthropist

Mr. Mandar Gadkari, Director, India at Cross Border Angels,

All the startups were given 3 minutes to pitch plus 2 minutes for Q&A. The investor judged them based on

  • Their team
  • Their space in which they are doing business
  • The pain point that they are solving
  • Presentation of their idea
  • Exit opportunity for investors

These Hyderabadi Startups would be pitching at the Finale that would be held in Bengaluru. Can’t wait to see who will take the funding.

8 Hyderabadi Startups are going to Startup India Rocks Finale
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