How To Feature Your Startup On INDIANCEO

IndianCEO Loves startups and aims to build the largest peer authored and reviewed PR platform. We love to see the startups get all the attention required to scale their business to new heights. We are a startup and we understand the importance of PR.
While we receive lot of requests from startups to publish their story, Our resource limitation might be a constraint in publishing all the stories. We believe that writing a startup story needs lot of analysis and understanding and the best person to know about your startup is your Peer, co-startup or your customer. That is the reason why we encourage peer authored stories.
What is peer authored story?
Peer can be a co-startup, Customer, Mentor or a Friend who is not associated with the company or any one who knows and understands your product, company and team. The first one is the most preferred one where we wish to see“Startups Help Startups”

How can a author Submit story?
Author who created a story on a startup they know should share the following details apart from the story.
Author Image: Preferred by not mandatory
Author Bio: 50- 100 words
Author Linkedin or Social Profile links: At-least one
Relationship with Startup: Co-Startup/Customer/Friend/Mentor
Email to be sent from their personal/ official email id to [email protected]
We will publish this author info with the story

What Kind of Stories we Publish? 
Startup story can have Team journey, Product review, The success path, Problems solved, Communities benefited etc. Any story that helps a new startup to learn, Inspire and to get started. We will be happy to see that every startup story you publish creates a motivation to build a new startup.
We publish all the stories that helps startups but we avoid stories that looks more like a advertising material.

Editing the article?
Post submission we will review the article and do the final editing to make it stick to our content guidelines.

What kind of Images we accept?
We request you to mostly use team images, product images. Ensure that the images you share are owned by you or have a copyright. If it is creative commons, Do share us the source to publish.

If you wish to only showcase you startup in our directory then list it here STARTUP DIRECTORY

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