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Home4Pet is a one stop solution for all pet services

We as humans have been associated with our best pals since the early days of civilization called “Pets”. They were in various forms as in dogs, cats, tortoise, rabbits and so on so forth. These days even rats are also in the list. Even in the modern civilization they continue to be our Best Pals. Taking a cue from this, Home4pet thought of giving the Pet Parent’s of  these furry pal’s  a gift in terms of a one stop shopping experience for all the products and services that are associated with their loved ones.

Services from A-Z

Home4pet aims in providing the pet parent with products and services that range from pet food, pet toys, pet designer clothing and bedding, other accessories, vets both allopathic and homeopathic, pet lab, pet boarding and lodging, pet taxi, pet ambulance, pet burial services, pet trainers, pet spa’s, pet cafe, pet photographer, pet security tags, pet rehabilitation and fitness equipment, pet magazines, pet birthday organizers, online pet training courses and top of it all “pet insurance scheme” to keep them secure from all medical contingencies all at value prices. Lots and what not.

The Cute little story

The “we shall overcome” jingle in our heads that sailed them throughout. It took 3 months to convince the first set of providers that please be on board and have faith on the trio and they finally relented and understood their ethos. Sitting every day sketching a blue print on how to bring together this concept from paper to portal, endless sessions of tea in tea lounges and brainstorming finally brought to a list of services that could be started with from phase 1. The thought came out of a silly conversation over a tea session with an e-tailor company founder, that if today everything is online then what next and eureka “pets” and why not bring together this awesome community under one umbrella. And so was born  founded by three pet loving yet diverse people.

The Trio Team of Home4Pet

The core team consists of  buddies connected together in various phases of their corporate life The selection of  the initial team members was a very challenging and an uphill tasks a as in a “start-up” is a buzz word but yet scary. When Rajeev discussed this idea with the other core members it was voted for a go ahead.

  • Rajeev Talwar is the brain of this silent community. A hands professional with profound knowledge of finances apart from being a avid lover of the community.
  • Avtar Singh Virk is an operations guy, in-charge of looking after the logistics, operations, market tie-ups and other pain areas that may affect the goodies of your loved companions be brought to their doorstep.
  • Vinod Agarwal, a science graduate has deep sense of belonging for these companions as a breeder, handler and trainer himself.

Pouncing Higher and Higher

We kicked off operations by may end in 2016. The website went live in August mid and gearing up for the first order that just happened couple of days back. The growth in this global 8B$ market out of which India stands at 20% has a potential to be a YOY 20% and hope to grow along with this.

An Unique platform for pets

The pet industry has a bright future in India with the market just about to be explored from the unorganized setup to the organized setup. Home4Pet is the “only” working platform that provides packages for every need of a pet parent and which is workable and implementable while most of the portals are only selling their own or third party products.

Wuff Puff – This is how we work

The portal is a online marketplace, wherein the vendors are free to list their products while on the other side the customers are at free will to choose what they require in whatever category they wish to. The order is placed by the pet parent and is then executed by the vendor through the logistics support through their service providers and such as home service or an onsite service as preferred. Payments are made online and where they deduct or service charges and remit the same back to the vendor. Currently a boot-strapped one.

Yes !! This is Possible

Their future plan is to be a PAN India company in terms of  one stop solution to all pet parent needs. The team intend to start the next phase of expansion by going to cities like Pune, Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore, Nashik which are home to many pet lovers. A fitness application on android which is under progress for the pets is to be released soon in the near future. More thoughts on going global too are being discussed with like-minded people. They have embarked on this journey that begins with home for a pet and to further enhance it to other categories coming very soon.

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