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Hitwicket is here to stump all the Gaming legions Online

Online games have always been the favorites over ages. With the advent of technology and advancement in the devices more and more are pulled towards online games. Once confines to the age groups less than 18 years is now spread to people of different ages. With the categories in gaming also widely increased today many are fond of these online games. Androids and apple phones have taken gaming to different heights. Apps are being developed just to cater to the needs of the online gamers. Both promotions and games have benefited from one another on the sidelines of being online. Hitwicket is one such addictive online game garnering offline meetups.

Hitwicket is an online cricket manager game, in which the user plays the role of a Manager of a T20 cricket franchise and makes all strategic decisions to compete with others managers in the game. As the game is Multiplayer, people are able to develop affiliations and become friends with other online users. A platform where the Global cricket gamers can come together and play against each other and even meet them.

Compared to the other gaming websites Hitwicket provides gamers the platform to socialize with other users. Just like the Pokemon game indwellers meet over a place to discuss about the games, Hitwicket users meet each other over a cup of coffee to discuss their strategies in the game. Hitwicket is probably the only Indian game that has managed to trigger offline engagement among the users. Hitwicket meet ups are user initiated and organized events where users who have become friends through the game meet up over a cup of coffee to know each other more & discuss about the game. Something that is quite rare to see for an online game. So far, Hitwicket has had over 53 meet ups in different cities in India and abroad.

Recently, Hitwicket Pakistan held a meet-up in Karachi on their Independence eve where many of the active Hitwicket players participated. These meet-ups are a way for these gamers to come together and discuss new trends and strategies of this online game and as a result, make new friends. This online game has a good user base in Pakistan and users who actively participate and organize online and offline events. It is always special to see an Indian game going beyond borders and connecting people.

Karachi Meetup

It is the brain child of the entrepreneur Kashyap Reddy, who is the co-founder and was able to successfully launch it with the cooperation and back end support from chief architect of the technology, Rajat Singhal. People with wits making a difference in Business and even impacting in linking cross cultures.


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