Healclinic connects you to various health practitioners

Healclinic was conceptualized in December 2015, with the vision of connecting millions of clients globally to TCAM (Traditional Complimentary and Alternate Medicine like yoga, Ayurveda, reiki, pranic healing, PLR, homeopathy…) lines of treatment.

It currently offers –

  • Online treatment solution therapies to clients, hand holding the client from the time they approach the, consultation with a practitioner to the end of the treatment and beyond.
  • E commerce website provides natural and holistic products, complementing the therapies they offer.

This enables them to become a one stop platform offering services and products related to alternate therapies.

Idea behind the project

To this the couple said that they had a personal experience wherein some close suffering from an auto immune disorder was not responding to conventional medicines and had developed severe side effects. A friend suggested alternative treatment approach to them.

Then started the struggle to find the right practitioner and closer to home.The treatment was successful, and consequently many of the family members took the alternate treatment route.

This gave them the idea to start a venture where they could bring different practitioners on one platform. The eureka moment for them was when an email from a client settled outside India looking for a yoga solution online. That is when they pivoted to provide online health solutions where they consult and design customized treatment plans for each client.

The core team of Healclinic 

Healclinic has been founded by Deepti Arora and Vishal Arora who are married to each other for the last 17 years and have two daughters. In their words, healclinic is their third baby. The initial employees were found through social media channels like Facebook and LinkedIn and through references.

Deepti Arora aged 42 years, CEO & Co-founder brings more than 15 years of hard core operations, customer service, coaching and financial management experience. She has worked in domestic and international banking and insurance companies, before running her own retail venture for 5 years. She is a trained coach and NLP practitioner.

Vishal Arora aged 45 years, co-founder brings in more than 18 years of sales, digital marketing and management consulting experience. He is the Go To Market guy in Healclinic, he looks after sales and partnerships.

Revenue, traction and growth

In the past 6 months team has worked with over 50 clients, and have over 200 practitioners empanelled with them. Their practitioners offer 30+ non-conventional therapies ranging from Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Yoga, Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Pranic healing, Theta healing, Tarot Reading, Nutrition, Past Life Regression, Vastu & counting.

They also offer online shopping for natural & holistic products, across categories like yoga apparel, Ayurveda products, nutritional supplements, aroma oils, rudrasksh, skin & hair care items etc.

USP and Revenue Model

A holistic treatment approach and client experience sets them apart from competition.

Heal clinic’s trained counselor’s handhold the client from the time they approach them till the end of the treatment. Based on the health challenge and client requirement, team designs customized treatment plans for customers. Team takes care of the environment while the practitioner and client concentrate on getting cured.

Their revenue model is providing online consulting (healthcare packages) to clients globally and Ecommerce of natural and holistic products.

Modus Operandi

The client comes to Healclinic platform with a health issue. She or He can shortlist practitioners based on multiple parameters such as experience, type of therapy, gender or our counselor recommends a practitioner.

The practitioner creates a customized treatment package for the client which is then provided online. The counselor hand holds the client across the treatment lifecycle.

Future plans

In the near future the team is looking at scaling up their operations and creating a technology platform which can offer the entire process seamlessly. In the long term team is planning to have integrated clinics and use latest technology like wearables to provide preventive healthcare and early detection of illnesses. Read more about Indian Startups.

Healclinic connects you to various health practitioners
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