Headphone Zone, a single stop to every music lover

Music has always been a cure, and we lose track of time and reality when we plug our ears to a wonderful piece of Mozart, or our very own A.R Rahman through a beautiful set of earphones/headphones.

We buy those set of earphones through a lot of eggs scramble online or a fuel haunting offline store search. But do we find a satisfying set in the end? Well, maybe or may not be. The need for a single destination dedicated entirely for earphones and headphones was evident which led to the birth of Headphone Zone (

When the founder came back to India after finishing his Business Management in Singapore, he joined the family business of video/audio tape distribution and audio-video distribution services. He realized that there was little to no understanding to the big retailers about the electronic accessories. This actually paved the path for Headphone Zone which fills the void of such single stop.

Headphone Zone is an e-commerce startup too but what makes it different from its competitors is because of the fact that all the existing e-commerce websites put a lot of emphasis on bricks of discounts but seldom concentrate on quality. Headphone Zone provides a niche for all the quality lovers and audiophiles.

Headphone Zone is a total online platform but there were 2 offline retail stores in Mumbai and Bangalore which were shut down due to the fancy of the online stores. Brands of international recognition are the top priority which include 42 international brands.

With a current monthly turnover of rupees 1 Cr and increasing, Headphone Zone claims to have 2,00,000 visitors a month on average satisfying consumers from about 213 cities country wide. Including Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Tier II & III cities like Ghaziabad, Vadodara, and Trivandrum. The word has been spread along through various media and there is a lot of online pull rather than offline pull which was also a reason for the decline in the offline market of Headphone Zone.

The user base is all about the age group of 20-50 years old music enthusiasts and audiophiles across the country with a taste for fine international quality goods. While all this goes on, Headphone Zone aims to be a number 1 facilitator for headphones, earphones, and other audio accessories. Aiming to increase their business to 400% in the next one year, and 900% by the next two years. The company is an all family run firm with nil debt which is impressive for an internal funding start up.

With companies like these emerging daily, a new layer of startup foundation is on the rise.

Headphone Zone, a single stop to every music lover
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