GradLimited: Platform To Discover Personality Best Career

Gradlimited is a mentorship platform that provides students with a data driven system to explore a career that is best suited for their personality. Gradlimited is the only company in India that offers a digital footprint report of a candidate as a validation for their psychometric assessment.

Team’s vision is to make the lives of students and young graduates easier.

Initial Challenges

Most developed countries are very well versed with the concept of personality assessment for job search. Personality fitment is a major criterion in the selection process; however the major challenge founders believe in the market is the lack of education and awareness towards the concept. India as a country has the largest workforce in the world yet the importance of personality fitment for career exploration is not emphasized upon in the schooling system.

This is what founders believe is changing, and major Indian MNC’s are seen investing highly in this proposition as early adopters to this change. Founders strongly believe the rest of the market will soon follow suit. Their primary approach is to overcome this by educating the markets with the concept and the benefits related to personality based hiring.
Idea behind the project

To this, one of the founder said “The Eureka moment came when we personally as marketing majors, were working in domains like HR and Finance and we believed that there could be a more efficient decision making process to enable students to make career choices. The hard skills are extremely transferable in most work environments across domains and industries, it’s the ‘hard to measure’ skills that can provide the added information to enable a more informed decision making process.”
The core team

The 2 Founders Abhishek and Avinash have been friends since school and have individually worked across domains like HR, Assessments, Talent Development and Finance. Abhishek is a serial entrepreneur and is incharge of Marketing at Gradlimited, whereas Avinash is a first generation entrepreneur having worked with students and young graduates for a major part of his career. He handles Operations at Gradlimited.

Abhishek Mehta, 27

He is the Co Founder and Head of Marketing.

Abhishek is a serial entrepreneur having experience in domains like Education, Assessments and Human Resources. As an entrepreneur he has successfully established companies working with the Coir Board of India and various large scale retail brands across the country. Masters in Marketing and Lawyer by qualification, Abhishek has worked with one of the largest assessment companies in the world and has held pivotal roles in Indian startups across the education space. A strong believer in the ability of students to influence major transformation, His vision is to bridge the opportunity information gap and push boundaries in the Indian education eco system.

Avinash Rogye 27

He is the Co Founder and Head of Operations.

Avinash is a first generation entrepreneur with experience in Human Resources, Talent Development and Financial Services. Masters in Marketing by qualification. Avinash has worked with one of the India’s largest financial services, enterprise handling operations and business development. He has also worked with the world’s largest youth run organisation, recognised by the United Nations across multiple domains. Having worked with students and young graduates for a major part of his career, Avinash strongly believes in the philosophy that students can be the ‘change agents’ that foster growth. His vision is to assist students through this journey by aiding them explore and achieve their potential to the fullest.

Gradlimited is free for students. The revenue model is primarily based on employers who wish to use the platform as a recruitment engine and course providers looking at targeted promotion of their courses.


Gradlimited has been incubated by YoungIdeas Ventures.

Modus Operandi

Once a student logs in to the platform, he/she is put through a battery of assessments. Upon taking the assessments, downloadable reports are generated for students. These reports are both psychometric as well as behavioural in nature. Gradlimited is the only company in India that is able to assess a candidate’s personality on the basis of their social media activity. Team believes that a digital footprint report is the best form of validation to a candidate’s psychometric information as it is based on their actual behaviour over a prolonged period of time. Then matchmaking engine uses this data to recommend most suitable jobs, courses, internships and scholarships on the basis of this information. The student can browse and apply to personality relevant jobs, courses and internships on the platform, while the employer can use the same personality details for each applicant from an employer side dashboard to make an informed hiring decision.

Future plans

Gradlimited works with a vision to “Create future leaders”, operationally. Team aims at increasing their presence from a primarily Mumbai based company to Pan India operations over the next few months. Team is working towards reinventing the way conventional campus recruitment drives are conducted which is both a time and cost burden to companies.

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GradLimited: Platform To Discover Personality Best Career
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