Grabr is India’s First Online Resume Builder

Create Smart Resume with Grabr ,easy to create and personalized Resume

Grabr makes its so easy to gravitate your professional image. An impressive resume, any day gives the extra edge to your work profile. So what about an impressive and personalised resume template. If you register with, you can create attractive resume which matches specific job types.

The advantage of online profile

For job seekers,  resume is the first criteria to impress online recruiters. For digitalized India, online job portals are widely in operation to induct candidates. So come to think of the paramount importance of CV to grab the attention of online recruiters. helps you in this race to make your profile stand out. Get a Curriculum Vitae typically matched with job criterias to make recruiters call you for interviews.

Digital job world

Forbes recently reported that more than fifty percent of hiring personnel, look at smart resumes to take the first call. Online portfolio is the first impression for even top management hiring authorities. A hard copy resume is still valid, but an online portfolio makes your reach extensive to many companies and recruiters.

A highly optimized online portfolio not only gets you more interview calls, but also expands your professional image.

Hiring cycle

For a single job profile, recruiters have to scan through hundreds of CVs. Thus a legibly optimized and attractive CV grabs attention readily. Grabr systematically organizes your qualifications and achievements. It smartly addresses the recruiters to take a look at your CV. Thus the first step towards job interview is complete. An optimized CV that hones your skills, will land you an interview with top brands.

Enhance visibility of Resume

With Grabr you can create impressive resume website templates,  which are easily shareable with friends and colleagues. Your online brands gets enhanced and therefore your profile stands a step ahead than your peers. Grabr has this unique facility to update your employer base about any changes you make in your curriculum. Updates are sent about any addition to your resume about a professional course or any job promotion. Thus your profile updates are always in loop with your favorite employers.

Story behind Graber from founder

The idea to create a resume building profile dawned at us when we dealt with some uninteresting and conventional resumes. We even took printouts of resumes which were an environmental waste. We then decided to create an online portfolio for candidates. We had put in lot of efforts to create a shareable portfolio.

 Keeping in mind the growing changes in job market, we have carefully inserted the option to personalize and to change key aspects of the Curriculum Vitae. We have incorporated easy customization features. Grabr has been made mobile optimized too for easy handling. It is free to sign up and has free hosting facilities. Security and privacy policies are taken care of.

Grabr is bootstrapped by friends and it is in the promotional stage. The team is confident to spread widely as features are bang on for online job seekers.


Grabr is India’s First Online Resume Builder
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