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Cooking is no more Tough Task with easy Recipes and Tasty Meal Kit- Gourment Eat In

Urban populace, these days has given up on preparing a home cooked meal for a variety of reasons like lack of time, skill, ingredients, recipe etc. Gourmet Eat In is a food based venture that provides easy to cook meal kits to its customers across Pune. Each kit includes a simple step by step recipe along with all the ingredients proportioned and prepped as per the portion size. Their service aims to remove most of the hurdles associated with the cooking process so that people get to enjoy the cooking process as a refreshing, stress leaving activity. The challenges in this venture range from the usual – people, logistics and supplies.

A Reason Behind the Proposal

Swati, the co-founder had the idea nearly 6 years ago. Those days at South Africa they just baked stuffs and use to struggle in finding the right recipes, ingredients and proportions. There was an additional issue of wastage since the perishable ingredients would sometimes be only partly utilized. A service conceptualized would send a fool proof recipe along with all the ingredients measured as per the requirements of the recipe. After coming to India, they met a lot of normal folks that had given up on a corporate career the hail of “start-up porn” sort they soft launched to a few friends and then sort of rolled on from there.

The Dual Partnership

Tanuj Sinha (34) CEO and the co-founder Swati (35) both holding an engineering degree have known each other for more than 12 years. Tanuj is responsible for Ops while Swati takes care of  core product design, marketing and strategy.

Growth and Funding

Till date they have shipped more than 700 kits and are now doing an average of 250 kits each month with an aim to hit 500 kits in next two months. Also a traction has been built primarily through word of mouth. Time and convenience are the parameters that is focused on while designing the kits. Gourmet Eat In’s vision is to create an ecosystem that sustains and grows the product. Though self-funded at present, however discussions are held with a few HNI’s looking to partner up  in building the brand and service.

As Simple as Maggi

Customers can choose a kit from a periodically changing menu and receives a meal kit that includes a step-by-step recipe card along with all the ingredients prepped as per the portion size (meal for 2 etc.). All the customer needs at home are some basic utensils, salt and oil. The customer just needs to follow the instructions to prepare a gourmet meal in a matter of minutes.

A Bright Future Awaited for Gourmet Eat In

As of now they are willing to focus on Pune to build the brand, processes and operations. In the next 18 months they are expecting to see themselves expand to 2 more tiers before taking on the world-quite literally.

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