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Goflytta is one stop relocation portal providing end services to both inter and intra city relocations. People can discover the services based on necessities to luxuries which include housing, movers, telecom, gas connection, hotels, food/groceries, in house services etc.

Goflytta The First Movers

Initially it was pretty difficult for them to understand the problem in depth. it all started with observations of hassle faced right from house search to all other services till they settle. There was no solution for this when they kept moving from one place to another during college days. Just to understand the basic requirements and to cater to luxuries, the three pivoted it more than 10 times in 6 months. Finally interactions were the key to success, and they shared the notion with every person they met and the expressed their situations and solutions which they require.

There is a solution behind every Disaster

It was during Chennai floods and downpour. Many people relocated to new areas and ended up uncomfortable due to various circumstances. So the team decided to build a discovery platform by following up in making people’s life easy by adding services.

The United Spirit of the Team Goflytta

Rahul and Gokul were working on Robotic space exploration project. The idea tapped when the views on solution were shared. Since it is the same as challenging space exploration, one of their friend Rakesh who was a national level professional race car driver hailing from the same university helped them out and thus resulted in getting selected to start the venture at their incubator. The three friends started their journey at Hindustan University Chennai and got Selected for the Nasscom 10K warehouse program at T-Hub (India’s no.1 Incubator) Hyderabad. Rahul has got selected for Startup Leadership Program, to accelerate at a faster pace.

  • Rahul Kanuganti (22) the Founder and CEO, is a Mechanical Engineer with experience in Space Technology development who is also the Vice President of National Space Society-USA’s Indian Chapter.
  • Gokulavasan Murali (22), the co-founder and CTO, is a Computer Science Engineer with experience in Robotics and Software Systems.
  • Rakesh Ramkumar (22) , the co-Founder and CMO is a Civil Engineer and Professional Race car driver-National Level.

We Understand and Customize

This boot-strapped start-up so far has done close to 100 relocations of which 50 were test, having generated a revenue of Rs 2.5 lakhs in just one month. They are developing out product to users feasibility based on the understanding and feedback from their previous customers. To meet the demand, they are in plan to add more features for process automation. The competitors of Goflytta are fragment and that being their USP. This is a single window platform which enables users to access their needs from necessities to luxuries charging 15% of transaction fee from vendors and a service charge from Rs 3500-5000 for personalised assistance from users.

Follow the steps to see the Magic

  • Discover: Explore the options on Take advantage of local knowledge to discover which neighbourhood would make your perfect base. The portal makes it more personalized based on our inputs to suit our lifestyle requirements. Learn more about the location and also discover other services which Include Packers and Movers, Telecom, Internet, In House Appliances, Furniture and Other transfers like Gas, Govt. ID cards, etc., for free no-strings advice.
  • Wish list: Add the services to your relocation assistant and review it anytime you like. You can always change it before confirming.
  • Choose: Once you have a good idea of where you would like to relocate i.e. particular area, you can choose up to 5 house visits before finalizing one.
  • Request to book: Click the “Request to Book button” at the bottom in your cart, the package that you have chosen will be assisted that best suits your needs and budget. Now complete the booking request form. We collect small booking amount from you
  • Confirmation: We will assign you a personal booking consultant. They’ll contact you swiftly, to confirm details such as choice of property, movers and other services. They can also answer any questions you might have. We will confirm availability of what you have asked for and schedule the site visit. If you are an outstation traveller, we can also arrange the transportation as per your request.
  • Visit the Site: Our Executive Will Show you the Property and share every detail of the properties you have chosen.
  • Request Additional Services: You can also share about additional services you may require. We will assist you with information and booking.
  • Finalize your Relocation: We will send confirmation authorization email to you, within one to three days of confirmation, you’ll receive your contract. Your personal booking consultant will explain how to sign, when to return it, and double-check everything for you.
  • Pay the Amount: You can pay your rent and deposit through credit/debit card or bank transfer. We’ll help you through the process with the landlord and you will be provided with a copy of the signed contract.
  •  Relocate hassle free:  All set for your occupancy, we are waiting for you to come settle as your previous one. Your house, your moved in package, Telecom, New Items, Gas, Child’s education, your spouse’s new job etc. You live comfortable.

Comma but not a fullstop

Currently Goflytta is operational at Chennai and Hyderabad and by the end of December they are planning to commence operations at Bengaluru by raising seed fund followed by tier 1 cities of India. Read more startup stories.


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1 Comment

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