Get Tipped and Stay Fit With Fitso

Fitso is a comprehensive fitness mobile app that helps users to track their workouts and calories for free and take premium personal training services from a real human coach online at a fraction of the cost of hiring a personal trainer offline. The team wanted to track the overall lifestyle of fitness seekers through technology and use this data with AI and the insight of human coaches to provide solutions required to reach individual fitness goals.

The highly used app with best features

Being a Tech Company, Fitso believes that a human coach is necessary to provide the motivation and accountability to make sure people reach their goals. Their technology will be used to make coaches more efficient and enable them to make the better and more informed decisions. Many users have found this app to be highly beneficial and have observed positive results.

Fitso too has a story Line

During his training days for Ironman, Saurabh travelled a lot in search of a coach and finally settled down with an Australian based coach and got an online personal training. It worked wonders for him and that being the Eureka Moment.

These IITians have done wonders

The team mates Saurabh Aggarwal, Naman Sharma and Rahool Sureka are all close friends for 9 long years who met each other at IIT Delhi. They were no less in celebrating the birthdays, group studies, sporting and at given personal issue advices. The Perfect Three has prior experience in different fields such as Business development, Product building and Marketing from other organizations they were earlier working with.

More the users, higher the growth rate

As they are pretty early stage they have grown upto 50% in July and 200% in August in terms of users. Getting featured on the App Store contributed to the 200% growth rate. and has currently around 65000 registered users.

A Well planned one

The app features covers all major aspects of fitness like gps tracking for running/walking/biking, video workouts and calorie tracking. Tools have been created for coaches to provide in-app personalized workout and meal plans. Fitso has been rated 4.6/5 on both the Play Store and App Store and is proud to be featured twice on the App Store once as part of their Independence Day campaign for India and then globally with the launch of iOS 10.

Experiences, Learning and Solution

From their experience and learning so far, they believe that there are two major issues with all the current health and fitness apps:

  • Scattered data of different activities we do to burn calories and consume calories.
  • Lack of knowledge to use the data for further improvement and achieving their specific fitness goals.

In order to overcome these drawbacks, Fitso has taken the comprehensive approach to address the current need of the users, providing them a holistic view of their daily lifestyle and at the same time allowing them to consult certified and experienced experts to analyse their data and help them. Fitso closely follows its high competitors to get updated and are sure about having the strong domain expertise. Fitso team makes money from online personal fitness training services and has an average ticket size of 100 USD per person per annum. Fitso has raised $200000 of funding till date from people who are the CEOs of different organizations.

The how to Use Guidance

  • Firstly choose the business goal.
  • Build your own plan.
  • Add the daily meals taken, workout plan.
  • Follow the plan.
  • Save the workout and it can be shared with friends too.
  • We can even track our walk, consult the experts via chat for any suggestions.

One Big Challenge

Apart from the app, there is a blog too where health and fitness related articles are kept posted for the app users. They are working continuously on refining the product and improving user experience. In next 5 years, they are targeting to reach 1 million paying customers while making a revenue of 100 million USD a year. Read more about Indian Startups.


Get Tipped and Stay Fit With Fitso
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