Get over the liquor ban, startup HipBar could be the answer to your drinking woes

Recently the ban on liquor, to prevent the drunk from driving, within a range of 500 meters of national and state highways and also on the pubs, bars and restaurants, proving liquor, located on the highways left the tipplers in a state of uneasiness. Now, they have figured a way out of it and it is called HipBar.

HipBar is an app available for android and iPhone users. This app is a mobile wallet licensed from RBI, now exclusive for the drinks. It has come with a technology for the liquor lovers to stock the liquor on the cloud. However, the service is only available to Bangalore, as of now, but soon will be made available to other cities too.

Using this app, the user can order or stock the liquor of his own choice or preferred label and can go to any local restaurant or store affiliated to HipBar and redeem it there. Hence, the whole story goes like, pre-pay for the drinks, at special rates, through the app and stock them in your very own Bar On The Cloud.

One of the founders of HipBar said regarding his app, “Technology could be a solution. We have the necessary digital infrastructure to validate buyers’ credentials, which is a huge problem now. We can work with the government and policy makers in exploring right avenues.”

The app also has the facility of an e-wallet, HipBar wallet that allows the customers to pay online. The user can also pay using a debit card at all the affiliated places.

The harmful use of alcohol results in the death of 2.5 million people annually. There are 60 different types of diseases where alcohol plays a significant role. It also causes harm to the well-being and health of people around the drinker. In 2014, the World Health Organization (WHO) released its Global Status report on Alcohol and Health reporting that about 30 percent of India’s population, just less than a third of the country’s populace, consumed alcohol regularly, as of 2010. About 11 percent are moderate to heavy drinkers and the average Indian consumes about 4.3 liters of alcohol per year.

Get over the liquor ban, startup HipBar could be the answer to your drinking woes
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