Home Service Startup Frapperz Raised Seed Funding of $100K

On-Demand Home Service Startup,Frapperz has roped in Seed Funding of $100K. The funding round was led by Australian Healthcare entrepreneur and startup Investors.

The Kolkata-Based Startup was founded in October 2015 by the husband-wife duo, Jyotirmay Kanthal and Rimjhim Ray. Frapperz is built by a team of ex-corporates, IIT, JU alumni and some dropouts from Imperial College of London. Frapperz provides trusted Brands and verified Professionals for all home and personal service needs. Previously in 2014, the co-founders also launched Unmarketeer, a creative digital firm which has worked with leading businesses and startups to improve their digital footprint.

The cofounder couple said – “We had stayed and set up homes in various parts of the world; London, Belfast, Switzerland, Kenya, Finland to name a few. Every place has its unique set of challenges when you are trying to set up a home and settle down. We abstracted the general problems to a few top learnings which we have used in Frapperz.”

The startup is currently operational in Kolkata and is built on a browse-talk-book principle. The users browse through the offerings, catalogues, design content; get advice from experts and other users. Frapperz claim to minimise time, effort and risk factors in every home improvement work.

Frapperz has witnessed over 10000 registrations and downloads since its inception. The startup has a Gross Transaction Value of $10k per month. With supporting features such as project supervision support, advance-protection, service warranty and refunds, Frapperz aims to take the hassle away from creating beautiful living spaces.

According to startup industry tracker Tracxn, the home services industry in India is growing rapidly with about 69 startups founded in 2014 alone. The range of services provided varies from six to 1000.

After the poor performance of other home service startups and the shutdown of Taskbob, it will be interesting to see how Frapperz will perform in the industry. Read more about Indian Startup Ecosystem.


Home Service Startup Frapperz Raised Seed Funding of $100K
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