Fourseven – Hand Crafted Online Jewellery Store

Fourseven is India’s first global omni-channel fine fashion Jewellery and Accessory brand that celebrates the unique beauty of Indian culture, heritage and passions. They design, create and deliver distinct jewellery for men, women and children. They have collaborated with many online marketplace biggies (such as Amazon, Elitify, Formyshaadi and others), and offline retail partners (such as Iconic, Bloom and others).

Fourseven was founded by Rebekkah Kumar and was launched in March 2014. The startup achieved its angel funding round from the Indian Angel Network (IAN) in November 2015. Rajiv Mehta is the IAN-appointed Director and Sumit Dhinghra is the lead advisor from IAN.

They work with jewellery manufacturers and karigaars across India to bring the unique and beautiful designs to life. They oversee the end-to-end process and perform a full Quality Control (QC) check in-house on every piece before making all the products available to customers. Their goal is to give the customers excellence in their experience with Fourseven and they take pride in their implementation of international best practices in everything they do.

In Rebekkah’s words,

“On a personal note, after living in India for more than 8 years, I was eager to start something of my own. I was looking for a great balance between my passion and a large market opportunity and that’s how I decided to move into jewellery as a category. I have been passionate about jewellery since my childhood, being a global collector for decades. It’s such a part of the culture here, but I saw a clear gap in the market for high quality daily-wear jewellery that reflects the recent shift in both fashion as well as purchasing demographics. This coupled with the growth in e-commerce as a viable channel gave me an opportunity to design and create and bring to life something new and different, and to build a successful online business. Our first charms were finally ready after nearly a year and  of defining, creating and shaping the brand and the user experience. It was such a great feeling. We received such a positive response from customers. My brand is a mix of creation and continuous strive to serve the customer. I have a team that shares the same passion – it is like a dream come true! “

About the Partners :

Rebekkah Kumar: CEO and a company Director. She has over 20 years of industry experience in the Internet, high tech and software industries in a variety of roles from IT/engineering to corporate product management/PR/marketing to freelance consulting, with global responsibility. Before starting Fourseven, she worked as a freelance consultant after moving to India in early 2006. She focused on corporate communications, digital marketing, messaging and PR for clients in the high-tech industry. Rebekkah is an MBA from Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Sloan School of Management in Cambridge, USA, a Business/Computer Science graduate of Indiana University, Bloomington, USA, and is APICS certified. She has also held several volunteer positions in Delhi/NCR including the American Women’s Association (AWA) library chairperson and a website and communications lead for the Delhi International Football League (DIFL).

Rajiv Mehta: IAN-appointed Director. He has 15+ years of experience in consumer brand building, business establishment, expansion and team management. He is currently the CEO of Arvind Sports Lifestyle Limited and Arvind Lifestyle Brands Limited. Before Arvind Sports, Rajiv spent more than 9 years with Puma, establishing the brand in India. As Managing Director, he oversaw retail operations across the country along with serving multi brand Outlets. He focused on all aspects of brand building in order to be the most desirable sports lifestyle brand in the country. Rajiv is a member of the Indian Angel Network and an active investor, helping start-ups flourish. He is an MBA from INSEAD and a Masters of Science in Chemical Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania, USA.

Sumit Dhingr: Lead advisor from IAN. He has 14 years of retail industry experience in India, driving brands such as Benetton, Arrow, Izod and Gant. He is currently the COO of Gant, Nautica and Aeropostale for Arvind Lifestyle Brands Limited and has spent 8 years with Arvind driving retail operations. Before Arvind, Sumit spent 3+ years with Benetton India Pvt Ltd as Business Head, helping to establish Benetton’s position as a premium brand in India. He also worked with Mathura Garments in sales and operations. Sumit is a member of the Indian Angel Network and an active investor, advising start-ups and helping them get to a point of scale for further investment. He holds a PGDM in Marketing, Finance and Operations from IIM Lucknow and a BE from the National Institute of Technology Tiruchirappalli.

Fourseven fills a market gap that exists as consumers move away from jewellery as an investment and toward jewellery as a style accessory. They have a unique design language. They are laser-focused on bringing best-in-class designer jewellery to market using international standards to build customer trust and loyalty.

The founder has a large vision to build Fourseven as India’s global market leading jewellery brand in the “affordable luxury” segment. The company is a technology-led venture that wishes to bring together Content+Community+Commerce with its unique design language to create a highly differentiated market leading consumer accessories brand.

Fourseven philosophy:

“At Fourseven, we believe that women should feel confident in all of our personas. We need not stick to one view of ourselves—the way others see us. We are fun loving, full of life, down to earth, spiritual, open, alluring, down to business and adventurous individuals, each with our own unique passions, experiences and stories to tell.”

The Fourseven name is a reflection of the company philosophy that people are happiest when they are proud of themselves and their heritage. It comes from 1947 (India’s independence) and 4/7 (USA’s independence). Their entire business, including the  brand name, puts the customer first. Fourseven designs are hand-crafted in India with love.

Fourseven has experienced tremendous growth in the past year after its initial angel funding round from IAN. They have established the brand online with sales primarily from their own domain and additionally from some major e-commerce marketplaces, including Amazon, Flipkart, Elitify and others. Fourseven sells online in more than 9 countries, including the US, UK, Canada, Singapore, Australia and UAE.

Additionally, they have launched the brand in the retail space with the multi-brand iconic outlet and a few other boutique shops in the Delhi/NCR area. They have plans to expand our offline reach to consumers in the near future. Fourseven has a high repeat purchase rate, minimal returns and extremely high customer satisfaction.
They are currently raising the next round of funds to scale the business in India and international markets. They will focus on technology as the foundation, domestic retail expansion and online growth and expansion abroad.

Wishing you all the very best from IndianCEO.

Fourseven – Hand Crafted Online Jewellery Store
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