Fitpass App – Ultimate Solution to Fitness Anytime and Anywhere

Fitpass for anytime and anywhere fitness

How is it if you get to try several different fitness programs and access various fitness centers in only one package at cost-effective prices? Fitpass App has made it possible. Fitpass is a revolutionary app that provides a single key access to various fitness programs with monthly membership, irrespective of time and place. Available to download on Android and iOS, it comes with a network of 1000 gyms and fitness studios in Delhi NCR ensuring the flexibility to workout anywhere and anytime. It offers more than 100,000 daily workout options to choose from. The Fitpass membership costs only Rs. 999 a month, which is much cheaper than the monthly membership of any gym in Delhi NCR.  

How Fitpass Came into Existence 

Fitpass emerged to revolutionize the health and fitness ecosystem in India out of its founders’ entrepreneurial zeal. Arushi Verma and Akshay Verma always wanted to push the boundaries though innovation which culminated in Fitpass membership. The additional force behind the inception of Fitpass came from Arushi Verma’s dreams of making it big as an entrepreneur in the male dominated society. Apart from personal reasons, the founder duo felt the need of a solution to the lack of freedom and flexibility in workout based on their experience. Thus Fitpass was born to help people do workout whenever and wherever they want. It is an ultimate solution to all fitness needs.

A Brief about the Founders

Arushi Verma is a postgraduate in Development Economics from the School of Oriental and African Studies, the University of London. She graduated in Economics from Delhi University. She was Research Associate from ASER Centre, New Delhi and a consultant at the World Bank before she took up the role of a director and product lead at Fitpass. Akshay Verma comes with an illustrious academic background. He did masters in Financial Economics from the University of Oxford and Public Administration from Columbia University. He also holds a bachelor degree in mathematics from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi University. Having 4 years of international experience in investment banking, Akshay is responsible for business stats, market analysis, financial models, stakeholder relations and strategic proposals at Fitpass.

Business Model of Fitpass

“We made fitness reach people irrespective of space and time, at a very pocket-friendly price,” says Arushi Verma while talking about the business model of their app-based startup. We are the first to have introduced such a unique membership providing flexible access to 1000 fitness centers and connecting users with a community of fitness enthusiasts. Our business model is dynamic since we believe in consistent evolution,” she adds.

Role of Technology in Fitpass

Mobile technology is integral to the growth and development of Fitpass being a mobile app. “Technology is the main instrument to penetrate the market and reach out to our target audience. We use it to bridge the gap between people and their fitness goals by connecting them with fitness centers where they can do workout according to their convenience and schedule. It helps not only users stay fit but also our partners earn additional revenues,” says Akshay Verma.   

Where Fitpass Stands in Competition 

“It may not be right to say that we don’t have competitors. However, we have competitive edges over other app-based businesses in the same niche. We have not only made fitness programs super accessible and affordable but also connected fitness enthusiasts with each other. To beat competition, we offer six proprietary products or packages aptly named after the most common fitness goals: Six Pack Abs, Sexy Calves, Dolay Sholay, 36-24-36, Pecs of Steel and Bikini Bod. Each of these products comes with a curated diet plan and workout guide to help users achieve their fitness goals faster,” says the founder duo of Fitpass. Fitpass users have access to unparalleled variety of choices from Yoga, Zumba, Pilates, Aerobics, MMA, Cross Fit, circuit training, kickboxing, spinning, bootcamp and many many more.


To make stakeholders and others understand your product is the most challenging job, according to Akshay Verma. Approaching fitness studios, yoga centers and gyms with our proposal, and building a partner network as large as it is now were some of the initial hardships that the founders of Fitpass faced. “Training the staff at partner fitness centers to use the proprietary technology was another challenge. We had to make and implement different strategies to reach out to fitness enthusiasts,” says Akshya Verma. They overcame the initial challenges on strength of their domain knowledge, teamwork and sheer determination to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.

Response to Fitpass

Launched in 2015, Fitpass has got an overwhelming response from different walks of life over 14 months. The app has been downloaded more than 25000 times till date. It has over 50,000 users and a partner network of more than 10,000 fitness centers. 90% of total users, who are health and fitness conscious, are in the 18–34 age group. The startup has registered 100% month-on-month growth in revenue, according to the founders.

Future Plans and Goals

Fitpass is looking to expand in the time to come. Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Chandigarh are the cities with fitness conscious people and sufficiently equipped fitness studios that the founders of Fitpass have identified for expansion. The fitness industry of India is expected to touch Rs 3000 crore in the coming days. Fitpass has a promising future, an important role to play and ample room to grow.

The Closing Note

The founder duo of Fitpass shares the secret to success, “Do never let anything irrelevant stop you, have faith in yourself, trust your ideas and plans, gain tangible skills, find mentors early on, don’t stop learning from impressive people, interact with as many people as possible and you’re there.”

Fitpass App – Ultimate Solution to Fitness Anytime and Anywhere
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