First Match making app built for differently abled

Inclov is India’s First Matchmaking App for the Differently Abled to Find Love

Love knows neither barriers nor bounds. It can happen to anyone irrespective of their ability or disability. That is what two graduates from Mumbai made possible for the physically challenged people who find it difficult to get life partners. They have recently launched a matchmaking app Inclov for the differently abled. This innovative app is aimed to change the lives of not only the physically challenged but also divorcees, widows, widowers, and those with health disorders.

Why Inclov ?

Out of the 80 million disabled people in India, only 5% find partners and get married, according to a report from the United Nations. There are approximately 1.2 billion disabled people across the globe. It is difficult for the physically challenged to find friends for a better social life. Just imagine how difficult it is to get love. Inclov came as a boon to them.

Founders of Inclov    

Thanks to Kalyani Khona, a graduate from Mumbai’s HR College & Economics, and Shankar Srinivasan, a bachelor in finance from Jai Hind College in Mumbai for having developed Inclov app for those who are often ignored in society. Lina Piedrahita, who studied animation and graphics in Colombia, assisted the founders in marketing.

How Inclov was ideated?

The idea of developing a mobile app to empower the differently abled in the marriage market was first sown in the mind of Kalyani Khona, who owns and runs a matchmaking agency in Mumbai. She said that her agency in Mumbai could not make more than 150 matches for 1500 registrations offline. What was manually not possible was possible technologically. It gave birth to the idea of a matchmaking app as the best solution.

Inclov is the online platform where it is easy to connect the physically challenged and those with health disorders with right matches. Kalyani and Shanka presented the idea on Wishberry, a crowdfunding platform. Initially the project was named Loveability. They proposed the idea to raise a fund of Rs 5 lakh, but the proposal fetched them Rs 6.15 to their surprise.

How Inclov Works?

Like other matchmaking apps, Inclov requires user registration. Users need to register with their names, emails and contact numbers to create profiles on Inclov. On successful verification of emails and mobile numbers, they can upload their photos and fill up profiles with such details as disability or health disorder type, extent of disability, age, location, lifestyle, profession, what kind of partners they are looking for, etc.

The app is also meant for the visually impaired who can access it through screen reader and talkback. There are options for those with color blindness or retina disorder to choose readable font size and suitable color themes.

The registered users don’t need to share their emails or phone numbers with strangers as Inclov integrates an in-app chat feature to support conversation among connected users. The app is safe to use and ensures the user privacy.

Plans about Inclov in 2017?

The founders of Inclov said that the app would undergo further development and see expansion in 2017. It would be thriving as a business venture and a social initiative simultaneously. They added that a market of 800 million singles all over the world is to be tapped into. The marriage market of the differently abled is almost equal to the size of China.

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