Fabulyst gives you your own personal stylist

With Fabulyst you can carry your personal stylist in your smart phone

Women are very conscious while shopping fashion. They invariably want to dress up to complement their body shape, complexion, & variations while also keeping their style statement unique and tasteful. Ironically what current day e-commerce offers is just a huge number of choices. Flipkart gives 1M results when you search for skirts. Choices are so many and what is relevant to users is very little. In essence, there is a lot of confusion and clutter. So there is a clear gap in what a user wants and what e-commerce offers for apparel shopping.

Fabulyst is the quintessential style partner for women who shop online. It makes online apparel and accessory shopping more informed, relevant, and easy for them. It understands them like a personal stylist and gets to them the best apparels from deep inventories of online merchants. It goes through the deep inventories of every good e-commerce merchant and gives an individual the products that are personally best for them keeping in mind of the taste, style statement, body shape, complexion, and other fashion basics.

After hearing Mukesh Bansal (the founder at Myntra) talk on how tech in fashion is still an unexplored territory and can disrupt fashion e-commerce industry, the team spoke to around 500 women to validate their thoughts and discover the promising pain points that they can solve by their product, Fabulyst.

Once a user downloads the app, the experience is similar to how a personal stylist works. They capture the basic user profile to start with and identify the user needs, aspirations, concerns, and current style statement. Like a personal stylist gets you right clothing, the app scouts through inventories of best e-commerce portals and find the right products for the given individual user. The experience just starts here and as user interacts (Keep/Discard/Buy) with the app, there will be a refining of the taste profile of user actively to bring increasingly appropriate products. Each product which is suggested comes along with a personal note from stylist about how the products complement user’s style. Users might further specify their needs based on changing moods, trends and occasions. Users can ask stylist directly about their fashion fears and other queries.

Fabulyst App

Fabulyst App Screen

The founders have had their fair share of ups and downs. Vikas, Vishal and Komal go long back since Microsoft days and then founding together Doctl.com, a doctor-patient portal. They were soon joined after by Raj and Meenakshi, and all of them having a lot more than 4 years of experience in the world of Start-up. Fabyulyst is a self-funded and self-maintained firm which aims to reach to a user base of 10,000 in next 3 months (growth stage) and 100,000 in next 6-9 months (revenue and profit stage).

Solving a simple problem in the best and the most unique and personalised way possible, Fabyulyst rockets forward in the fashion industry like no other.

Fabulyst gives you your own personal stylist
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