Evolv3D – This startup has innovative 3D solutions


Evolv3D is a startup that has innovative 3D solutions for anyone and everyone

With four founders – Aditya Atluri, Kartheek Thatikonda, Sampath Gaddam, Sreekar Reddigari – Evolv3D is the first 3D printing consulting firm in India, with a strong focus on developing an organic and sustainable ecosystem. It has strong international and domestic partnerships which in itself is a unique value proposition for its clients, associates and partners. With immense global knowledge and unique market intelligence to help drive the 3D printing and Manufacturing industry to the growth levels, Evolv3D is a subsidiary company.

Over the time, Evolv3D has developed academic programs across all levels of academia from primary school to post graduate level. Offering a wide range of courses ranging from Basic course (1 week) to Advanced course (4 months). Their aim is to create a quality workforce for now and the future. They are teamed up with few institutions and signed MoU to setup a laboratory as they did it in MGIT, Kartheek’s alma mater.

Aditya says, ‘We evolved as a company by knowing our clients better, new developments in the space of new technology adaptations and by becoming a leader in innovative thinking. Evolv3D brings fresh and energetic ideas into manufacturing space. Always focusing on designing a new dimension into our clients business.’

The Team

Aditya Atluri is a management consultant, Electronics & Telecommunications Engineer from ICFAI Tech, worked with top Telecom firms – Vodafone, British Telecom. After three and half years of working, he obtained Masters in Entrepreneurship & Innovation from Imperial College London in 2009.

While studying, he got into touch with, NGO founded by Matt Damon and worked on couple of projects with them. During which, Hult International Business School CEO came across his work and offered him to do an MBA with them. He went on to complete his MBA in Hult with a rotating program in London, Boston and China. After graduating, he worked with few startups and also Fortune 100 companies like Johnson Controls, NHS UK. His interest and fascination about how dynamics of business is evolving led to spend him only short stints at various firms. His projects being primarily focused on technology consulting which reveals his knowledge on both technology, business, and adaption of the both.

In mid-2012, he returned to India and started working on many independent projects with his connections. In early 2013, he worked with two founders of Kanvic, headquartered in Delhi and was part of the core team.

Coming from the Doctors family, as the only non-doctor, he proclaims he is a technology oriented person and loves to watch Sci-Fi.

Kartheek Thatikonda, a Mechatronics Engineer and a Master in Industry Management Technology. He did his Masters in IMT at Indiana State University. He worked as Manufacturing Engineer at MTRC Industries and also the founder of Evolv3D. Sampath Gaddam and Sreekar Reddigari are the other two founders.


Aditya Atluri_Strategy Dimension Kartheek Thatikonda, Technical Dimension Sampath Gaddam, Technical and Operations Dimension Sreekar Reddygari, Corporate and Business Development Dimension

How It all Started

Seed was incepted in October 2014. Aditya came back to Hyderabad for Diwali and had a school get-together. Kartheek and Sampath who were into conventional manufacturing met Aditya at the event and he was giving pro bono to them. In Cherlapally, both already had MTRC Industries where they make precision components for PSUs like DRDO, DRDL, NFC, BDL etc. Over the time, business went down train for various economic reasons. Then they started thinking to go advanced in technology. Since they had travelled abroad and seen the manufacturing world, they thought of experimenting out of their experience. Then came the thought of 3D Printing. So, they started printing with the materials like Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) and Polylactic acid (PLA).


Aditya says, “Everything comes with its challenges. But we didn’t find it as a challenge. But we found that as an opportunity. All of the challenges that we faced are roadblocks that are actually an opportunity to go forth.”

Lack of Awareness: Nobody had a detail about 3D Printing. Every manufacturer or industry expert recommend conventional manufacturing as it has been there and most trusted from time immemorial. Since there’s a lack of awareness, we had to conduct workshops to aware people about the current scene and the advantages in the manufacturing world. Fortunately, workshops became a success because people were coming and paying us for conducting it – as we were introducing them to new dimension in the manufacturing world.


They were also receiving invites from renowned industries who testify about how they get fascinated. For instance, one of the famous industries in India out of their interest, called them to give a workshop. Initially, they thought of 1 hour workshop but on their request, it went on as a 3 Day workshop providing their facility of R&D sector. Not only the journey has been successful, they used to learn a lot when they had to explore more into the realms of 3D printing. They are also partnered with Nova Beans.

That’s how from consulting they had went into supplying machines, from supplying machines to academia thereby creating a value chain in ecosystem.


Buy Professional Printers and to provide services to the existing clients and make more sales. To offer students the taste of 3D Printing.

Evolv3D won Startup India Rocks Hyderabad

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