eShopbox helps designers launch right product at the right time


eShopbox is applying an intelligent way of selling fashion over a e-commerce platform

eShopbox was started in July 2014 in Gurgaon with a mission to provide customer-centric solutions to fashion labels of all varieties. Initially before they started as a very small enterprise in 2012 by working as consultants for retailers across different categories, helping them in establishing their online identity by making their private level website and list them on different marketplaces.

They also started selling footwear category with online retail channel.  But after a great realization that inspite of the choices and competition among this channel, most of the merchants had tough time managing their online channel, things like order management, inventory management, participating in the events which is very crucial, synchronizing stocks after sales, pick, pack, ship, reconciliations, handling returns among few of them. And thus came up with a solution eShopbox which makes things a lot easier for the merchants.

It is a scale on demand model which takes care of all the aspects related to online selling starting from listing, product shoot till revenue generation and reconciliations. Initially the major problem was the lack of online medium. But now with time everyone have evolved and started to understand Indian online retail ecosystem.

A Right step to deal the scenario

To cut the issues related to revenues and target management, eShopbox have introduced curation, merchandising and brand analyst team that assists the clients in launching right kind of product mix in online retail by providing them with trend analysis, online specific, design inputs, range planning, making a brand strategy for them and things like this.

It helped out merchants get the profitability quotient on their balance sheets. Making a fashion e-commerce brand now, more than ever, demands precise quality standards and the work of an expert team made of professionals that know the Indian online sector thoroughly in every respect.

Over the years, eShopbox team, expertise and technology has succeeded in developing in-house the know-how and the necessary competences to meet in the best possible way the clients’ needs and producing turn-key solutions for their online fashion brands.

The Four Musketeers

Neeraj was earlier working with the banking sector and quit the job to start up eShopbox with his three other friends.

  • Ankush Karwa, an MBA is the Director, Chief Executive Officer & co-founder.
  • Mayur Karwa an alumni of IITB  is a Co-Founder and Director too.
  • Neeraj Choudhary an MBA is the Director, Chief Marketing Officer & co-founder, eShopbox.
  • Anant Bisht, a Co- MBA is the Director, Chief Product Officer and Co-founder.

Kudos to the Team !!

  • eShopbox has been recently awarded “e-retail solution provider of the year award” at Indian Retail Congress 2016.
  • eShopbox being in this business for last 2 years have understood the dynamics of e-commerce segment well, which it is disseminating to its clients to help them increase their market presence in e-retail space.
  • eShopbox is managing more than 100 brands in a time-span of 2 years and makes 45k SKUs a month

eShopbox  claims to generate a revenue of around 8 crores by the end of first year and around 37 crores by 2016 and the team size expanded up to 70. It is expected to cross 100 crores by 2017.

E-commerce, the Huge Market Hub

It has been observed that fashion brands to garner benefits of huge e-commerce market share, puts in lot of money, energy and time. But due to lack of experience and expertise, they could not harvest potential benefits and at times even lose focus on their core competence of manufacturing & quality, a peril for their business.

Business Understanding and Competancy

When other organizations just helps out only in listing and not a way for successful brands, eShopbox handles each and every aspects/pain points of a brands online retail where the client can focus on core products and doesn’t have to sweat on even thinking on future trends, products performance, Inventory forecasting, cataloging, consistency etc.

Reached the heights with zero investment

eShopbox is currently bootstrapped. They have recently launched retail business intelligence software “eShopbox insights” which help clients to get all the information to monitor product performance, optimize marketing strategies and plan end to end for product assortment and replenishments, based on the behavioral analysis of the consumers. Its eShopbox’s proprietary technology that lets us run any ad-hoc query related to products, its performance, revenues, transactions or inventory and answers spontaneously. Its first of its kind  tool that crunches data SKU wise and not only limited to orders on every channel, specifically designed to meet merchants’ pain-points.

Way To Deploy

Digitization has transformed the face of businesses across the globe so much so that it has become imperative for entrepreneurs to go digital in order to maintain a competitive edge. However, due to infrastructural challenges, lack of outlook to innovate and other issues, aspiring businesses in India are still struggling to catch up with this trend. To resolve this issue and give a technological fillip to aspiring fashion apparel brands & manufacturers which still depend on offline selling due to infrastructure & manpower challenges, eShopbox came into being.

Key Features of eShopbox

  • Infrastructure management
  • Product Cataloging
  • Customer management
  • Marketplace Publishing
  • Sales
  • Advertisement
  • eShopbox has association with online marketplaces to many e-commerce organizations and manages online operations for brands like Duke in its portfolio.

The Path leading to Success

eShopbox has planned to target areas like Ludhiana, Surat, Tirupur where they have partnered with. Data analytics through eShopbox Insights have been a major boost in developing the synergy. Also are planning to building a portfolio by acquiring big brands.

Brands undergo an intense financial labor pain while wrestling share for e-commerce fashion market, eShopbox not only lessens this pain but also shorten this long-drawn battle by infusing creative energies with real time marketing intelligence inputs.

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