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EnergosCloud has a unique way to deal with carbon emissions & no they are not talking about renewables.

It’s an already known fact that, ever rising of carbon burns has lead to serious sustainability issues for all living beings and the planet as a whole. The dependence of energy consumption is at an all-time high. Adversely giving rise to harvesting of more energy and directly contributing towards emissions of carbon in the eco-system. Greenhouse emissions have been increasing 10 times faster than the previous centuries, raising a major concern for their reductions.

EnergosCloud, a startup based in India, is on a global Mission 2022:
To reduce 2 Million tons of carbon emissions from eco-system every year and achieving equivalent energy cost savings of USD 300 Million every year.

With a unique blend of Behavioral Science Technology and Clean-Tech, the EnergosCloud platform is influencing workplaces & delivering ‘energy habit changes’ in people, the service on eSaaS (Energy Saving as a Service), model ensures over 20% reduction in energy costs and equivalent carbon footprint reductions. Thus, providing an overall energy sustainability solution.

CEO & Founder of Energoscloud, Mr. Rajesh Solanki addresses, for the world to be sustainable people should be made actively accountable for their activities, & implementing habit changes is the finest solution for the same.

EnergosCloud uses this unique solution of implementing habit changes at work places of their clients and has proved remarkable results with major reductions in carbon footprints. Continuous analysis, effective behavioral science technology and IOT, is the part of their platform.

Mr. Solanki also adds, “Pushing sustainability upwards to the customers is an efficient way how businesses can practice sustainability”. And encourages businesses to follow the same.

Leading banks in India are deploying Energoscloud platform to achieve energy efficiency and energy sustainability for their organization. Over 20000 tons of carbon footprint reductions are witnessed every year through EnergosCloud platform. EnergosCloud also has an active support from Technology Development Board, Government of India.

EnergosCloud has a unique way to deal with carbon emissions & no they are not talking about renewables.
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