Winner of STIR 2016 Vadodara City Winner ! EnergiMate

EnergiMate is an IoT product startup in the energy monitoring and management space. The product is a Wifi-enabled device that tracks electrical parameters for a target environment and intervenes on a timely basis, offering the capabilities of an industrial energy monitoring system in a single cost-effective device. In an industrial setting, EnergiMate monitors machine health and provides key operational insights.

An on-device web interface as well a cloud-based web app is provided for data visualization and control. The cloud-based web app automatically fetches real time data directly from the device when on the premises and from the cloud elsewhere. The team is also planning to launch an App in a few months.

Initial challenges

Being technologically innovative, the product has a relatively long initial R&D period. In order to ensure that team is on the right track during this period, team developed several intermediate prototypes and gave demos to get customer feedback.

One basic challenge for the start-up was setting a viable hardware production process from their initial geographical location (Cochin) since component vendors, electronic manufacturing industries, testing and calibration services were not available locally. Team solved this by moving to Electronic Estate, Gandhinagar, Gujarat where all the third parties were located within couple of kilometres from their office. Moreover, being in an MSME manufacturing zone allowed team to be close to their initial target market.

Idea behind the start-up


When asked about the idea, Jayaraj Poroor said, “I first started working on connected devices more than a decade back when I built a connected oven and subsequently worked on a number of IoT-related projects. Couple of years back, a friend showed me the energy monitoring system installed at his workplace, a major hospital. I realized it could be greatly simplified by introducing an IoT device that integrates sensing, control, computation, storage, and communication. With EnergiMate, we have accomplished just that. Later on, I realized that such a device can also be used to monitor machine health and perform timely interventions in an industrial setting, especially for MSME manufacturers who cannot afford costly energy monitoring systems.”

Team behind the start-up

Jayaraj Poroor (42): He has more than 20 years of hands-on experience in technology development, R&D and organization management. He holds a PhD in Computer Science with a technical experience from tiny embedded systems to cloud computing. Previously, he founded Amrita Research Labs, brought in significant external funding by executing projects such as remote seismic data acquisition system for Bhabha Atomic Research Centre. He has worked for AT&T (Pacific Bell), California, USA and Wipro Technologies, Bangalore.

Once he developed the basic product, he got his wife Sreeranjini Venugopal (35) to help with planning and strategy for business development & marketing as well as with product management. She has 9 years of industry experience in various customer-facing roles including business analysis and marketing. She holds an MBA (Finance & Marketing) and B Tech in Electronics & biomedical engineering.


Their Patent Pending (US) technology enables implementing on-board data aggregation, decision making, and control actions as downloadable micro-programs. This makes EnergiMate:

 (1) Highly programmable

(2) Resilient to Internet downtimes

(3) Provides faster response times

 (4) Minimize cloud overheads

(5) Easily deployable.

Their USP is to offer much better customizability while significantly reduced deployment and maintenance overheads vis-a-vis other enterprise energy monitoring solutions.

EnergiMate’s participation in ‘Start-up India rocks’

Jayaraj had received an email regarding Startup India Rocks. Previously EnergiMate had been shortlisted for NASSCOM 10000 startups mentoring sessions – so probably their email id got included from that list. The main goal for the start-up for participating in Start-up India Rocks was getting business mentoring and feedback, obtaining next round of investment, and networking.

When asked about Jayaraj’s plan, he said “Our main emphasis will be on how we can make a difference to the SME manufacturing industries and how well our initial installations have been received by them. One could say we are following a blue ocean strategy, which is interesting from an investor point-of-view.”

Funds asked

Start-up is asking for USD 120K – 200K. The funding will be mainly utilized for team expansion, business development and marketing, as well as setting up product lines and maintaining product inventory.  Read more Startup Stories.

Winner of STIR 2016 Vadodara City Winner ! EnergiMate
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