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Ek Plate

Feeling Hungry ? Khula Ek Plate

Life takes us places. As we progress, we experience finer thing of life like the expensive restaurants, fine dining experiences, five star hotels and much more. However, there are some phrases that can take our minds perennially back in time to our teenage and early twenties. One such phrase is “Ek Plate”. Who can forget those happy days where we stepped out of the college with our gang of friends to a road-side stall and ordered everything from a sandwich to chai, to local delicacies such as Vada Pavs, Pav Bhaji etc. One common factor being every order was preceded by “Ek Plate”. The endeavour at “Ek Plate” is to amalgamate the latest advancements in technology with the perpetual craving for street food to recreate the best street food experience for people no matter which city you are in and no matter how old you are! In brief, Ek Plate is building India’s first dedicated street food app.

Hey Veggies! Here’s a good news for you

The universal truth is that firstly we love street food. Second, everyone reviews/promotes restaurants, but in order to experience the true flavors of any place it’s the street food which does true justice. Street food vendors are the true heroes who are working hard to retain the unique flavors and authentic tradition. Ek Plate is the only app that gives its users an option to select “Veg Only”, once selected the users will not be shown any Non Vegetarian food items.

What do they do

Ek Plate’s platform showcase the street food vendors and their product  information online, which would

  • Give them a level playing field in the online world to compete with the much promoted restaurants.
  • Get customers to locate them, rate them on taste & hygiene and further promote them by providing great reviews.
  • In developing countries like India the vendors need to be educated about the changing trends / best practices and hygiene expectation the customers have from the place they eat. Ek Plate would create a medium of communication with the vendors to regularly update and educate them so that they can cope up with the changing trends.

“Ek Plate” empowers users to add their favorite vendors and help them get noticed which would ultimately increase their business.

Users of Ek Plate

Users can be classified in the following segments:

  • Students find affordable, tasty and hygienic street food which is served quick. They can then share this information with their friends over Social Media.
  • “Ek Plate” will help on ground sales force who are generally traveling new places locate a quick bite around them.
  • Provides information to travelers about the local street food specialties of the City/Country they are visiting and help them locate the best place to get it.
  • Any foodie wanting to try Street Food can find it on Ek Plate. They provide a brief description of each item too.

Ek Plate’s Ek hi Kahaani

Harsh Shah (23), the founder of Ek Plate, came up with this idea during his final year of graduation. As they had a very short break for lunch, the expectation was that, the snack had to be something quick and tasty and can fit a college student’s tight budget. There were many apps for restaurants but none for street food. That is when “Ek Plate” was born.  After a short Internship in the UK, where he was mentored by the M.D of a Food Distribution Conglomerate, his idea from being just a dream, started becoming a reality from December 2014. Post Graduation, he dedicated all his energy and time towards the Ek Plate app.

Mission on !! Foodies here you go

“Ek Plate” wishes to be the global connoisseur of “Street Food”. The mission is to offer street food locator through the mobile app locally in Mumbai and then across India. They are under process of aggregating the biggest possible repository of street food information and contacts and connect the patrons to their favorite “Ek Plate”. It is open for public beta testing and requests are accepted .They endeavor to grow “Ek Plate” into a global brand and first port-of-call for street food lovers.



  1. Neel

    August 15, 2016 at 6:48 pm

    Holy shit, this is just what i needed! Where can i download it?

  2. Ayush

    August 16, 2016 at 12:30 am

    I desperately want this app! This is a life saver when we get hit by the month end budgeting!
    It’s so difficult to decide which vendor is the best amongst so many! This app will help me decide that for sure!

    • Harsh

      August 16, 2016 at 4:26 pm

      Hey Ayush !

      Love your enthusiasm would like you to follow this link and download the app and join the Beta Test !

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