5 Effective Ways to Make Your Brochures Productive

Planning to create a brochure design to boost sales or to announce your new brand, product or service, you’re perhaps wondering what you can do for ensuring a great response. After all, when you tally up all the costs for the brochure or flyer development – graphic design, writing, photography, and printing, plus the time that you or your staff invests on associated chores- a simple corporate-envelope-sized brochure can charge 50 cents apiece or probably more, even if you utilize a low-cost online printing service for printing the flyer.

The cost of stamp if you’re planning to mail you flyer, adds more to the cost. Put it all as one and the end result for a mailed part of sales literature is about to be over $1 each.

Cost isn’t the only thing that you need to worry about. Each piece of literature you give off leaves an impression on your future clients.

So, what should be done to make your next sales flyer or brochure a winner? Here are five important secrets of productive brochures.

  1. Be aware of your customer.

Before spending any time in planning a brochure, make sure to research and get aware of your customer. Why would they need to buy your product? How can it benefit them? What is the leading problem your service or product can solve for them? Make sure to find the answer to these questions. Talk to your salespeople and customers. Use their answers to assist in deciding which profits to play up in your brochure design.

Design your brochure for AIDA.

AIDA, basically, is a short form for Attention, Interest, Desire, & Action. To be effective, your design needs to draw attention, get the prospect involved enough to read further, lift their desire for the service or product, and appeal them to take a certain action such as call, buy now and make an appointment.

  1. Don’t place a picture of your building at the background of your brochure.

Agree! You love your building and the way your company has grown. But your consumers really don’t bother how much you love your company, or how huge your building is. All they are concerned about is whether or not the products you sell meet their needs. Don’t waste the space that can be used to sell your products and induce your customers to buy now.

  1. Focus on Selling, rather than telling.

Your customers and potential clients aren’t really fascinated with your products or company. They are interested in themselves or/and their own businesses. To draw their attention, your brochure has to focus on the advantages they will enjoy by purchasing from you. Remember, people don’t purchase telephone answering machines to record contents. They buy answering machines to never miss an important call over again.

  1. Make use of headlines and graphics your audience likes.

The average reader demands less than 5 seconds to stare at your brochure and make a decision whether or not to go through it. If your graphics or headlines on the envelope of your brochure design are boring, few recipients will trouble opening it.

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5 Effective Ways to Make Your Brochures Productive
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