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Edutech Startup Clone Futura Aligns Its Training Goals with Goals of Digital India

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of Digital India is what made Vidushi Daga start Clone Futura to train laymen in computer, iPad and smartphones. Inspired by PM’s dream of transforming India digitally, Vidushi Daga set out on a mission to make individuals digitally literate irrespective of their age and background. “Clone Futura is a fast-growing movement, which has empowered over 58,000 individuals and transformed their lives by catering to their technological needs over past 3 years.

The other objective of Clone Futura is to bridge the generation gap between today’s youngsters and their parents. I have observed many people above 45 struggle with ‘smart’ gadgets as they are out of pace with their children’s knowledge of technology. Their inability to keep up with the scenario and surrounding which is constantly evolving due to consistent advancement of technology resulting in rapid changes in lives makes them feel handicapped. Clone Futura strives to bring them to the mainstream and connect them with the present. (Highlighted quote)


Vidushi Daga, the founder of Clone Futura, got into business at a very young age out of her desire to earn and fund her studies. When the multilevel marketing (MLM) for brands like Amway and Oriflame was in full swing, she plunged into the market. Thus she started her career only at 14. She used to buy products from wholesalers and sell them in exhibitions to earn good profits. She has spent 14 years in the BSE and the stock market. She was so good at arbitrage that she was titled the Queen of Arbitrage in 2002. An all-rounder in school, Vidushi has always been ambitious and proactive since the beginning. She had always been a topper. She used to participate in interschool competitions. Her mother was the real hero behind shaping her personality and life.


The business model of Clone Futura is adaptive and evolving. It is built in such a futuristic way so as to cater to a wide spectrum of audience from school goers to housewives to senior citizens with equal attention and flexibility. This technology training startup also caters to schools, colleges and government organizations as well as institutions. The execution model of Clone Futura supports new ways of training on advanced technological devices in a simple fashion.

The USP of Clone Futura is flexibility of training and support service, according to Vidushi Daga. The target audience can opt for training at the comfort of home or workplace. The unique structure and model facilitate customization of training courses and support services for a diversified age group. It is aimed at making individuals digitally literate within their comfort zone. They can get the best of training courses even while on the go.

I observed that people above 45 years are now falling into the trap of the ‘generation gap’ as youngsters are intuitively better with technology. I realized this gap when I discovered that my aunt was struggling with her newly-purchased phone. Her frequent queries wouldn’t get solved even after repeated requests to her son. The USP of Clone Futura is to bridge this ‘generation gap’.


Clone Futura imparts training to not only students but also teachers through online videos. There are Automated Systems and Proceses for trainers. It provides Simple & Fast Tech Courses to a diversified age group. It trains kids to be productive and innovative, women to start their business online, senior citizens to bridge the digital divide with their young ones. It also provides customized training to school principals and teachers as per their needs and requirements. Clone Futura is driven and supported by a fourfold team which is very efficient and systematic when it comes to functioning, according to Vidushi Daga.

  • Production Team – They develop new courses and keep updated with the current tech scenario.
  • Designing Team –They create appealing marketing collaterals and training modules
  • Admin Team – They manage the accounts, various batches of learners, trainers and coordinate with the the Trainer Head for adding soft skills and tech skills to the trainers so that they deliver quality training
  • Marketing Team – They are responsible for strategizing and executing marketing of Clone Futura.


Technology is the crux and core of startups these days. Clone Futura too leverages technology to streamline several processes like administration, communication and management. In education and training business like Clone Futura, technology is simply unavoidable. At Clone Futura, technology facilitates communication and bridges the gap between trainers and learners. The quality of training is evaluated, the learners’ requirements are assessed and training courses are tracked in technologically systematic processes, according to Vidushi Daga.


Clone Futura competes with other online training startups on strength of its unique training modules, business models, communication approaches and technical innovations. There are multiple different digital education modules available online, but Clone Futura provides door to door training with care and efficiency. There are three levels of training for kids: Basic, Challenger and Accelerator. Clone Futura takes special care of kids’ training so that they can be productive and constructive and safe from online threats at the same time. Cyber safety for young learners is a priority with the trainers at Clone Futura.

“Our training modules for women and housewives are not limited to teaching them the basics of computers, smartphones and other such gadgets. We train them in how to use communication devices optimally in presenting and leveraging their business online. We also provide accounting software training. At Clone Futura, everything is automated from the time of recruiting trainers and executing trainings.”


Vidushi Daga believes that entrepreneurship is challenging for men and women alike. Lack of strong mentorship, struggle with finance, inadequate fund, and the nuances of scaling up the business are some of the challenges Vidushi Daga met with. These challenges are more intense for women. 

I have been fortunate enough to overcome the challenges with my husband’s help. He has been my real strength. He has also been managing backend operations of Clone Futura. It has given me a chance to focus on the business strategy and development. What I have experienced from the evolution of Clone Futura is that ‘Word of mouth’ is the best and most powerful method of marketing. So long as you create exceptionally happy customers, word of mouth acts as a key customer acquisition too for you. We endeavour to be a market leader by bringing forth to our customers the latest, the most innovative and the best available technological trainings.


Since its launch on 15th July 2013, Clone Futura has trained more than 60000 including kids, women and senior citizens. Technology is growing and advancing. People feel handicapped due to their inability to keep pace with the evolution of technology in different spheres of industry and everyday life. Clone Futura has invented and developed new ways of training in technology and making them constructive as well as productive in a simple manner. The startup is bootstrapping as the revenues are invested to fund the marketing and promotion plans for the overall growth.


“Struggle builds character. Often the moments in our life that we are proud of are the ones where we overcome adversity to accomplish something worthwhile. Success is a team sport, and no one does it alone. Whenever I stumble over a barrier, I ask myself what my mentor whom I admire the most would do in my situation. One of the fastest ways to get what you want in life is to find someone who has it and do what they have done. Let’s transform and empower India digitally together!” says Vidushi Daga. Read more on Indian Startups.

Edutech Startup Clone Futura Aligns Its Training Goals with Goals of Digital India
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