EasyGaadi –Truck transportation service at your Fingertip

Intercity truck transportation problem is solved with EasyGaadi

Finding a truck service is no more an issue with the help of EasyGaadi. EasyGaadi, a start-up by three young entrepreneurs aims to reduce the inefficiencies in the intercity truck transport industry. It helps to reduce the uncertainty of truck availability to various transporters and business units. Technology was kept at core for addressing these problems. The truckers here are encouraged to buy mobile tracking devices to get a better service in terms of return load availability. Advantages of working with EasyGaadi has been explained at various unions to reach out all the areas to be aware of the return load availability from the cities that are operating. A better visibility is provided to the transportation contractors for sourcing the trucks by even taking away the annual demand of a transporter and managing them.

Only the name was easy

The main challenge lies in removing the apprehensions, the truckers might have regarding the online platforms such as payments, regular loading, and better pricing and technology adoption. This fear was overcome by doing one thing at a time in a conventional way. The commission collected is comparatively less. Various incentive programs are organized for truckers for updating the status of their vehicles in real-time. EasyGaadi currently has 12 trucking Eco systems across 4 states. An on-demand status is noticed at metro cities like Hyderabad, Mumbai and Chennai.

The Eureka Moment

Mr.Goutham, noticed that one of his cousin’s granite processing plant was facing a problem in terms of truck availability. He thus started studying the market for about four months and came up with this idea as a problem solver.


Team behind this idea

Mr. Goutham discussed the idea of EasyGaadi with his classmate Mr.Santhosh, an experienced person in the Product Management field and Mr.Sravan , a post-graduate degree holder from IIT-Madras in a meeting held at Hyderabad and understood the excitement and willingness, his friends had towards the start-up. Prior to EasyGaadi, Mr.Goutham was working in a cotton mill and later ran a physical commodity Imports Company. The medium sized coal transportation company he owned, gave a good exposure to the industry. Mr. Sravan Kumar was working with NISSAN for two years and then housing.com until he met Mr.Goutham.

EasyGaadi at work EasyGaadi at work

Growth for this startup

Operations were started in the month of November 2015 and they are seeing a 100% growth every month since January. GPS sales have always been an add-on revenue for them. Currently there are about 600 vehicles with installed trackers.EasyGaadi is the only company with the complete mobile focus. A rapid growth is seen in the usage of ‘EasyGaadi app’ in terms of vehicle status updates thus providing an end to end solution from the time of booking the truck to final payment.

How does this app work?

Dashboards are been created for truck owners in the mobile app wherein a truck owner shall be able to update the status of his vehicle. Basic information such as permit expiry date, insurance expiry date, date of manufacture etc. are collected to alert the truck owner on the renewal and the potential deals.Once the location status is updated, the suitable load is made available to the truck owner. GPS installed trucks will be visible on the app and are readily available for loading in one click. Movement of trucks are tracked at regular intervals of time with the help of GPS trackers equipped thus helping in better planning of the routes. Rating facility is available for rating the truck owners on various parameters to segregate certain transactions. An option is also provided to upload the images of the used truck that an owner is willing to sell. A transporter shall be able to upload his load availability to match any truck that suits his requirements.

Sneak peak into this bootstrapped startup’s future plans

  • To increase the number of touch points in terms of vehicle supply and demand areas.
  • To increase the impact in areas of operation that shall be a new alternative for truck sourcing and load booking.
  • Provide end-to- end solutions for the truck owners and load owners.
  • Emphasize more on the truck trade.
  • Tap agriculture commodity cities for transportation needs.

EasyGaadi thus provides a platform for the industries in finding out the availability of the trucks in just one click.

EasyGaadi –Truck transportation service at your Fingertip
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