Deciding to buy the latest and trending handbag in the market, we go to all the luxury brand stores and look at tens of bags until we find “the one”. We pay an exorbitant amount for the bag which at that time, hypnotized by its beauty and brand, we don’t seem to mind. We happily take it home and carefully safeguard it. We take it out to a party and proudly show off to a huge awed crowd. We feel the flutter of pride in our heart at the touch of luxury on our skin and we can’t believe how happy a handbag can make us. Then we go home and keep it safely inside the closet where there are many such bags. Then comes the next party and you can’t find the right bag that accentuates the colour of your dress. So you go shopping again. What happens to the ones you bought just a month back? Nothing. It remains there eagerly waiting to be picked up whenever the closet door opens. And that never happens. This is when an idea struck in the mind of Vivek Kejriwal to give a new home for used luxury goods by starting DuaVivo.  Read Business News.


DuaVivo means second life and this is what the startup promises for luxury goods. It is a 5 month old organization with the core team Vivek Kejriwal (CEO & CMD), Mehal Kejriwal (Co-Founder), Suparna Ghoshal (Business Head), Manish Sharma (IT Head) and Madhuri Bajaj (Procurement Head). Each and every member has a vast experience in their respective fields and they truly believe in the idea behind DuaVivo. Also, the startup has the unrelenting support of Sunvik Steels Pvt Ltd. Today, DuaVivo has i-Vista Technology Solutions as technology partners, Bloombox for branding, ODigMa (Infibeam) for digital marketing, BlueDart for Logistics, VR Bengaluru for retail store.


DuaVivo is the perfect platform for luxury users to buy and sell used items. DuaVivo provides three different options of purchase and sale. Duadirect is a service where sellers upload their products to the website from where buyers get in touch with sellers directly. Duastore is the service where sellers give their products to DuaVivo which takes care of the listing, marketing and selling of the product. The product is up for a minimum of 3 months. Whenever the product is sold, the seller is paid. Duaswap is an interesting service where an buyer of a product can exchange or swap any item he is selling to the seller of the product he wants. The startup also provides services of spa cleanup and authentication for all products, upon charge for Duadirect and free of cost for Duastore.


Presently, DuaVivo has over 500 products of over 150 brands with over 150 items already sold. They have started providing international export facilities too. Claiming to be India’s 1st pre-owned luxury store, they have many achievements to their name. They bagged the title of “Times Retail Icon Award 2016 in the Pre-owned Luxury Category” by the BCCL Group and the award of “Most Innovative Concept” by the India Retail Forum, at the Images Retail Awards. They even won the Bengaluru chapter of Startup India Rocks.

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